Source Code Documentation

Source Code Documentation

Generate source code documentation

Visual Expert automatically generates complete documentation of your PowerBuilder and PL/SQL Code.

Document the references and calls in your code. Easily navigate between these using hyperlinks in the HTML documentation generated by Visual Expert.

Customize your documentation

Select the details you wish to display. For example, for a table you can show or hide properties, columns, indexes, triggers, references and impact analysis.

Adapt the documentation style by matching the colours and fonts to your company's visual identity.

A wizard helps you to easily customize the look and content of your documentation, by creating your own style and configuring what items to display.

Schedule your documentation

You can schedule your documentation to run in the background, or start it at a specific time, and free up your PC resources.

  • Run automatically once a day/week/month or at a specific time.
  • Free up resources by scheduling it when you're not using your computer.
  • Update it and have it available when you need it.
  • You can also generate the documentation from a Server to a shared location. Each team member will then get a fresh online documentation whenever needed.

What does it look like?

PowerBuilder + PL/SQL documentation generated by Visual Expert.

PL/SQL documentation generated by Visual Expert