Supporting Japanese Encoding in Visual Expert [Tutorial]

Follow these steps to set up the environment variable for “NLS_LANG”, with value: “Japanese_Japan.JA16SJIS”

  1. Open Windows Explorer and right-click on ‘This PC’.
    Select ‘Properties’ in the context menu.

    Select Properties in Windows Explorer

  2. In the Control Panel window, click on ‘Advanced system settings’.

    Advanced System Settings in Control Panel

  3. In the Advanced tab, click on “Environment Variables…”

    Configure Environment Variables in Advanced tab

  4. Under the ‘System Variables’ section, click on “New...”

    Add New System Variables

  5. For the Variable Name field, enter “NLS_LANG”.
    For the Variable Value field, enter “Japanese_Japan.JA16SJIS”.
    Click “OK”.

    Enter Variable Name and Value

  6. Please ensure that the new environment variable is added to the list.
    Click “OK”.

    Check Environment Variables list

  7. Restart your system and open Visual Expert.
    Reanalyze your project and you should get good Japanese characters.

Please refer to the reference documentation by Oracle for more details.


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