Inspect a Specific Object, Library or Object Type

The developers can now focus their code inspection on specific objects, libraries, packages or object types, and filter results by issue types and severities.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Select one or several items in the treeview (object, library, package...).
  2. In the navigation bar, click on [Code Inspection Issues].
    Code Inspection Issues Macro in VE
  3. Click on the small 'wrench' icon next to [Code Inspection Issues].
    A new window will open on the screen to select/deselect the issues by severity and/or type.
    Once you have completed your selection, click on [Execute].
    Filter code inspection issues by severity and/or type
  4. Visual Expert will produce the filtered code inspection results with respect to your selection of issues.
    Filtered code inspection issues report
  5. When you select a broken rule in the result,
    the instructions breaking the rule will be automatically highlighted in the code.
    Find broken rule highlighted in code

If no boxes are checked for the issues by type and/or severity, then all the types and/or severities will be included in the code inspection results.


Visual Expert, Oracle, SQL Server, PowerBuilder, Code Inspection, Filter Issues