Identify the Most Used Tables

While analyzing your code, Visual Expert detects all kinds of dependencies on your tables, whether it's a query embedded in the code, a view built on top of it, a trigger related to this table, etc.

You can now sort tables by number of dependencies, to identify the most used.

This is how it works:

  • In the treeview, select the root icon for the tables
  • In the "Cross-References" section of the navigation bar, click on [Most Used Objects]
    identify most used objects in database code
  • For each table, the number of dependencies is indicated (“usage”)
    most used objects list for DB tables
  • By clicking on the small wrench, you can edit parameters:
    • Number of tables in the list
    • Minimum number of dependencies per table

      identify most used tables in VE

Visual Expert 2019, Oracle, SQL Server, PowerBuilder