Application Knowledge Management

Document your Code

  • Generate a Source Code Documentation
  • Generate Diagrmas
  • Identify Cross-References
  • Explore Application Structure
  • Compare 2 versions of your code

Application Knowledge Management

With Visual Expert you save the knowledge about an application in a tool. The knowledge remains available at all times, to every developer and project leader

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Change Management

Estimate the task ahead, reduce development and maintenance costs, avoid regressions

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Application Change Management

Code Change Impact Analysis

  • Identify Cross References
  • Perform Impact Analysis
  • Generate E/R diagrams
  • Generate CRUD Matrix
  • Document your changes
  • and more
Application Code Review

Automate Code review / Code Inspection

  • Clean up your code
  • Streamline Maintenance efforts
  • Eliminate vulnerabilities & bugs
  • Implement Code Review in your CI/CD pipeline

Improve Code Quality and Security

Detect security flaws, bugs, dead code, and check that the development standards have been respected.

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Understand the inner workings of your applications

Visual Expert allows developers to smoothly dive into the application structure, no matter how complex the code is!

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Application Code Exploration

Code Exploration

  • Visualize Cross References
  • Navigate in the code
  • Generate Diagrams
  • Generate CRUD and Object Dependency Matrices
  • and much more