Steps to Set DB Code Parser

You need to set up a DB code parser for analyzing PowerBuilder code when:

  • Using Oracle Database
  • Some embedded SQL is not correctly analyzed

When Visual Expert encounters an embedded SQL in a PowerBuilder script, it is passed through a generic SQL parser by default.

In the case of Oracle, SQLs may contain syntaxes that are incompatible with the generic parser. In such cases, instruct Visual Expert to use an Oracle specific parser.

How to Set an SQL Parser in Visual Expert?

  1. Go to [Settings - More settings]
    Open More Settings Tab in VE
  2. Open [Project - Source Code Location]
  3. Select a source of PowerBuilder code.
  4. Click on [SQL Parser]
    Scan PowerBuilder Code through SQL Parser
  5. Select “PL SQL Parser” to support complex/specific Oracle syntaxes.
    PL/SQL Parser in Visual Expert
  6. Save changes.
  7. Refresh the Code Analysis. Then, apply the new encoding.


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