Setting Up Application Dependencies Across Source Code Locations

To set up application dependencies:

  1. Open your project in Visual Expert.
    Go to the 'Home' tab and click on [Manage Source Code].
    Manage Source Code in Visual Expert
  2. Settings dialog will be shown, with 'Project → Source Code' tab selected by default.
    A list of multiple source code locations will be available.
    Open Project Source Code in VE

If your PL/SQL code includes database links, Visual Expert can interpret them in the following cases:

  • A database link targeting a database
  • A database link targeting a Schema

How to set the Default Schema name and Database Link Target (schema or database) name

Multiple Database Link Targets can be specified, separated by semicolon.

  1. Click on "Default DB items"
  2. Specify the DB link in the field "default schema name":

Set the Default Schema name and Database Link Target

Case 1. To Specify a Database Link targeting a database
@{databaselinkname}=DB={database name}
Ex., MOP_SMART.sample
Here is a Database Link targeting database named MOP_SMART.

Case 2. To specify a Database Link targeting a Schema
@{databaselinkname}={Schema name}
Ex., @mors_prd=DB=MOP_SMART

  1. Click on the [Application Dependencies] tab.
    Open Application Dependencies in VE
  2. Select a source code location in the list. Click on [Add] button.
    An 'Application Selection Window' will appear as shown below:
    Select Source Code Location in VE
  3. Click on the drop down menu to see all other remaining source code locations.
    View Source Code Locations in VE
  4. Select the source code location from drop down and click [OK].
    Add Source Code Location
  5. Dependencies will be added for the selected source code location. See below:
    Set Up Cross App Dependencies


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