Analyze the performance of a complete process

When users report a slow process in your application, you can investigate the entire chain of calls executed behind this process.

Called Graph Execution Time

This feature generates a call tree, with all the objects executed along the application process, and analyzes the performance of each object:

  1. Select the first object executed in the process
  2. Click on [Call Graph Execution Time] from the ribbon or the navigation bar
  3. The chain of calls is displayed with the response time of each object.
    Called Hierarchy Execution Time

This feature comes with 2 parameters to let you customize it :

  • Click the small wrench on the right to open the parameter:
    Called Hierarchy Execution Time
  • Select which type of objects will be displayed in the chain of calls
    Customize the results of the called hierarchy execution time

Drill down in your code, to identify performance issues

You can explore your code step by step, analyze the performances of each object and go deeper to pinpoint key issues:

analyze the performances of each object