How to Edit Project Database Connection?

This step-by-step guide explains how to edit your project database connection in Visual Expert.

  1. Open a project in Visual Expert.
    If VE fails to open the project, a "Database connection error" message will appear on your screen.
    Click [OK].
    Project Database Connection Error
  2. The "Edit Project" settings window will open. Click on [Change connection].
    Edit Projection Connection Settings
  3. Next, you will see a "Project Connection Settings" pop-up.
    Check the connection string and apply changes if required.
    Click on [Test Connection].
    Change Project Connection Settings
    If every thing goes well, a "Connection Successful" message will be displayed.
    Changing Project Connection Successful
  4. Then, close the Project Connection Settings window.
    Close Project Connection Settings
  5. Go to the pre-opened "Edit Project" settings window, click on [Save].
    VE will ask you to confirm the modifications.
    Save Project Connection Settings
    Click on [Yes] to save the changes made to Project Connection string.
    Confirm Project Connection String Changes

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