Using VE features allows a much quicker turnaround and reduces expenses and free resources for more productive work.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation - Project Manager

If only there was a tool that would do the time-consuming drudgework we all loathe, so we can make better decisions and get changes into production more quickly with less risk.
Now you can. With Visual Expert.

TEAM SYBASE - Bill Green - Published in PBDJ

I recently became responsible for making changes to a complex PowerBuilder application created by a developer that left the company (…)

After a difficult couple of days trying to wade through the code, I installed Visual Expert and used it to explore the code.

I was amazed at how quickly I was able to pinpoint the problem area and fix it.

David Burks - CPD Professional

A customer of ours sent me his large application, because of some strange problem that he had.
Using Visual Expert (…) I was able to get to the root of the problem. Excellent!

Sybase Israel - Mickey Hillel - Technical Support  

(The) More you work with Visual Expert - more you understand how convenient it is. (...)

I cannot remember so powerful tool that allows a user to become familiar with a new application in literally in a few hours.
Georges Mikhailovsky - Project Manager - Calibre Systems - Read the complete product review

Visual Expert is a convenient and simple tool that manages to combine all the information regarding an application, no matter how big it is and present it in such a way that even people not familiar with the application will gain a basic understanding of the application structure.

Software House - Katerina Giannakeli - Senior Developper - Read the complete product review

I'm a believer, a Visual Expert believer that

We had to make some major enhancements to a PB system. This is the type of task where the carefully planned inheritance structure of the system usually goes to pot. You see some code that is almost what you need, but you duplicate rather than extending it, for fear of fouling up something that is already running well (…) this seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to really put the tool to the test."

Bill Aumen - Independent Contractor - Read the complete product review