Why use Visual Expert

Identify the Consequences of a Change

Avoid Regressions when evolving your application

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Document your code

Automatically generate a complete documentation of your application

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Understand complex code

Master large and complex applications

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Review and optimize your code

Explore your code in ways you've never done before

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Transfer knowledge of your code

Enable team members to collaborate during your projects.

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Visual Expert Standalone

Visual Expert Standalone License

Visual Expert Team System

Visual Expert Team System

Visual Expert Also Provides

Support for multiple programming languages

Analyze client (PowerBuilder) & Server code (PL/SQL) in the same project.


Complete cross sectional analyses in a single Visual Expert

Collaborative features

Let multiple users share the same Visual Expert project

Code Review

Identify dead code to improve performance

Task Scheduling

Automatically refresh code analysis and documentation

Code analyses history

Explore past versions of your code.