Visual Expert Installation

Connect to an Existing VE Repository

Why use this tutorial?

It is recommended for team members to share the same VE repository, instead of creating 1 repository per user.
In such cases, once the common Repository is created by a user, others should connect to this repository, following this tutorial.

Connect to an Existing VE Repository

  1. Start Visual Expert and click on the file menu.
    Start Visual Expert
  2. Click on the Connect VE Repository option.
  3. A parameter window appears. Enter your connection settings.
    Enter Connection Settings
  4. Click on [Test Connection] and [OK].
  5. Click [Next].
    Test Connection Successful
  6. All available repositories are listed.
  7. Select the repository shared among team members and click [Finish].
    Open a Visual Expert Repository
  8. All VE projects available in this repository are listed.
    Select a project and click [Open].
    Connect existing VE Repository


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