Code Statistics

This feature provides statistical data about PowerBuilder code: number of lines of code, number of lines of comments. These statistics can be provided at application, PBL component or method level.

It is possible to check Object metrics:
code statistics by Visual Expert

Number of methods
Implemented methods (user or native PowerBuilder) are displayed.

Number of events
Implemented events (user or native PowerBuilder) are displayed.

Number of const/non const properties
User properties (instance variables), declared as constant or not, are displayed.

Functions metrics are available as a summary option:

and detailed option :

The number of lines of code does not include the “blank” lines (#Lines).
The number of lines of comments does not include the instructions.

For instance :

int i // comment1
int k
// comment2
#CommentLines = 2

The export into the Excel file is available, useful if you have a large amount of code:

The exported statistical data is generated into a report, listing several entry points depending on the type of component. The hyperlinks allow navigating through the report, from one table to another:

An example of the report on PBL: