New companion tools for Toad for Oracle

Combine Visual Expert and Toad for Oracle, for unparalleled efficiency in Maintaining and Optimizing Oracle PL/SQL code.

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TOAD for Oracle

Toad for Oracle is a development and administration solution that lets you carry out day-to-day tasks efficiently and accurately. Toad for Oracle is the most advanced and widely used solution on its market.


Primary features:
Code editing and debugging

Visual Expert for Oracle

Visual Expert for Oracle performs in-depth analysis of your code, to gain a better understanding and facilitate the maintenance of your code.

Dependency mapping, advanced code review and performance analysis features make it the perfect complement to Toad for Oracle.

Primary features:
Code analysis, Cross-references, Continuous Code review



Visual Expert

Code Editing
Code Documentation
At object level
At application level
Impact Analysis
CRUD Matrix
Object Dependency Matrix (ODM)
Call Graph
SQL Optimization During Programming After analysis
Performance analysis
Locate bottlenecks
Missing Index
Slowest objects
Most Used objects
Defect detection during programming
Application-wide statistics and reports
Duplicate Functions
Dead Code
Automate code review in a CI/CD pipeline

How it works

Toad retrieves analysis data directly from the Oracle database, providing real-time information and optimizations based on the current state of the database.

Visual Expert generates its own analysis data, enabling a deeper and more comprehensive examination of the code.

This approach provides more data, at object and application level, unlocking many additional analysis functions to understand code structure, identify problems, and continuously optimize it safely and efficiently.

how it works

Using Visual Expert with Toad

Daily Maintenance

1. Analysts use Visual Expert to:

  • Analyze the entire application
  • Understand its inner workings
  • Identify required changes
  • Dispatch changes among developers

2. Developers use Visual Expert to:

  • Assess the impact of these changes

3. Developers use Toad to:

  • Open the objects to be changed
  • Analyze/Edit/debug object if needed
    (SQL Optimizer for instance)
  • Perform the changes

Code Review

1. Analysts or DBA use Visual Expert to:

  • Analyze the entire application
  • Find bugs, quality, and security issues
  • Identify performance problems
  • List the corrections required
  • Dispatch changes among developers

2. Developers use Visual Expert to:

  • Assess the impact of these changes

3. Developers use Toad to:

  • Open the objects to be improved
  • Analyze/edit/Debug the object
  • Optimize SQL/Index
  • Fix the problem

Visual Expert Unique Features

Cross References

Deep Impact Analysis

Visual Expert performs a comprehensive impact analysis across all referenced items, providing precise insights into dependencies and potential effects on tables, columns, procedures, and other database objects.

CRUD Matrix

Visual Expert generates a 2-dimensional CRUD matrix, offering detailed visibility into Create, Read, Update, and Delete operations, while illustrating interactions and data flow across multiple tables and columns.

Object Dependency Matrix

This matrix provides a detailed view of the relationships and dependencies between tables, views, procedures and other database objects, enabling you to understand how changes may affect interconnected components.

Call Graphs

Visual Expert generates call graphs as tree views and diagrams, illustrating the hierarchy and flow of function calls, which is essential for understanding and optimizing complex code structures.

Code Review

Code Inspection Dashboard

The Visual Expert Dashboard provides key application-level metrics, giving crucial information on code quality and maintenance requirements. It helps pinpoint potential problems, track progress and make data-driven decisions to ensure optimal code maintainability and reliability.

Code Clean Up

Visual Expert helps to clean up code by identifying dead code and duplicated functions, streamlining the code base. This helps improve maintainability and guarantees cleaner, more reliable applications.

Naming Rules

Visual Expert checks naming rules across the database to ensure that all objects follow established coding standards and conventions. This functionality helps maintain consistency, readability, and manageability of the codebase, making it easier for developers to understand and work with the database structures.

Continuous Code Inspection

Integrating Visual Expert into CI/CD workflows allows for automatic inspection of database code to detect anomalies, ensure coding standards compliance, and monitor code quality in real time. Early detection and resolution of issues like code smells and security vulnerabilities help maintain a robust and reliable database environment.

Performance Analysis

Find missing indexes

Visual Expert identifies queries with WHERE, GROUP BY, or HAVING clauses targeting tables without indexes. This helps developers prevent full table scans, ensuring the application runs more efficiently.

Find the slowest objects

Identify the slowest objects to systematically target and optimize resource-intensive operations, and ensure that the most critical performance issues are addressed first.

Find bottlenecks

Identify bottlenecks in a chain of calls by visualizing the execution times of each element. This feature provides you with detailed insights into the execution flow, allowing you to pinpoint specific components causing delays.

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