Visual Expert ofrece también

Soporte para múltiples lenguajes de programación

Analyza el código cliente (PowerBuilder) y Server (PL/SQL) en el mismo proyecto.


You can include multiple applications in a single Visual Expert project thereby completing a cross sectional analyses. VE is made to support large volumes, especially when installed on a server: you can add as much code as you want in your project!

Características de colaboración

Multiple users can share the same Visual Expert project. Everyone can explore the same application at the same time, and share results of impact analysis and code exploration...

Scheduled tasks

Code Analysis and Doc generation can be refreshed automatically, on a regular basis. You can delegate these tasks to a server, to free up a developer PC and support very large volumes of code. Analysis and documentation are always up-to-date, and available to all developers in your groups

Code analyses history

Visual Expert automatically keeps multiple analyses of the same project. You can go back on previous versions of the application in order to explore past versions of your code.