PowerBuilder Worldwide Survey Results 2010
Survey summary

1. Which versions of PowerBuilder are currently used?
2. Types of PowerBuilder projects in 2010
3. PowerBuilder and databases
4. Other uses for PowerBuilder
   - PocketBuilder
   - Datawindow.NET
   - Generation of .NET code
5. Other technologies used: Java or .NET?
6. What do you think of PowerBuilder?

 1) Which versions of PowerBuilder are currently used?

In 2010, we finally saw the use of PowerBuilder 11 surpass PB10. PB 9 and 10 are still very popular. Other versions are still in use, but gradually fading away. In the coming year, we expect to see PowerBuilder 12 make a significant entry onto the list.

PB9, whose use started to decline in 2007, is still used by 18% of PB projects.

In 2010, 44% of participants were intending to migrate to a newer version of PowerBuilder.
This percentage remains relatively constant: since 2002 it has varied from 49% to 44%.

 2) Types of PowerBuilder projects in 2010

The proportion of large, medium and small projects has been relatively stable this year. A slight decrease in the number of small projects (-3%) was made up by small gains in all other categories.
However, the proportion of teams comprised of 1-3 developers has grown progressively since 2002, to the detriment of medium-sized teams (4-20 developers). In 2009, this trend continues, since the number of small projects has surpassed that of medium-sized projects with 50% and 44% or respondents respectively

We see a trend towards the reduction of medium sized PB development teams, which is likely due to the fact that a significant number of PB applications are in the maintenance phase. We can also see the effects of the economic crisis, which reduced IT investment budgets. Many planned redevelopment projects have therefore been frozen or cancelled. As the economic conditions improve in 2011, we expect to see investment in the renewal or redevelopment of PB applications pick up again.

New Development or Maintenance :

Because PowerBuilder is a mature technology, 45% of teams manage applications in their maintenance phase only.
However a large proportion of PB teams (55%) are developing new projects:
9% only develop new applications
46% manage existing applications as well

Thanks to Sybase’s efforts surrounding PB12, the percentage of projects planning to abandon PB in the two coming years has continued to fall from 22% in 2009 to 19% after a strong rise between 2007 and 2008.
Also, 78% of participants responded that they plan to continue to use PB over the long term (8% higher than in 2009).

 3) PowerBuilder and databases

Unsurprisingly, PowerBuilder projects often use Sybase databases: 25% of respondents use Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA) or Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE).
However Microsoft SQL (30%) Server and Oracle (27%) are more popular.

Oracle databases are used more by large teams (65%) than small teams (44%).
The same is true for databases in Sybase ASE (37% for large projects vs. 19% for small) and Informix (12% vs. 9%).

SQL Server is the most-used database for all projects combined but is not quite as popular as Oracle among large teams.

PowerBuilder applications are often associated with database code (triggers, stored procedures, etc). 86% of projects develop stored procedures, of which 48% develop them in large quantities.

Large projects: 90% of them develop stored procedures, of which 60% develop them in large quantities.

 4 Other uses for PowerBuilder

PowerBuilder built its success in the 1990s on the development of client/server applications. In recent years, Sybase has changed its offerings to cover new needs (development of web applications, mobile, etc).
What success have other Sybase technologies had?

Datawindow .NET

In the battle between Java and .NET for first place in n-tier development, Sybase decided that PowerBuilder most closely resembled Microsoft technologies.
Sybase thus offered a version of DataWindow for .NET projects. 9 to 10% of developers have used this component over the past five years:

Generation of .NET applications from PowerBuilder code

PowerBuilder is now able to generate .NET code from a PB application. 45% of respondents thought this functionality was strategically important:

There is clearly a greater interest in this than in other recent PowerBuilder innovations (PocketBuilder, DW.NET, etc) and it continues to attract new teams, as those who responded “No” has dropped 3%, and the percentage of projects using or planning to generate .NET code with PowerBuilder continues to climb.

Deploying PowerBuilder applications on the web

Recently, there has been a great deal of interest in web-deploying applications in all technologies, PowerBuilder included.

Overall, 56% of those who responded (discounting the 19% who don't know) plan to take their applications to the web. 19% plan to rewrite their applications completely, but 27% plan to stay with PowerBuilder for this migration.

 5) Other technologies used: Java or .NET ?

.NET technologies continue to consolidate their position at the head of this ranking: 70% of PowerBuilder enterprises also develop Winform and/or Webform applications, a rate which is stable from the past year.

The gap between .NET and Java has noticeably widened this year, as the rate of companies also developing in Java dropped to39% (8 points).
Oracle technologies sad a slight rise this year to 20% of all respondents, although they are significantly less popular than either Java or Microsoft technologies.

 6 What do you think of PowerBuilder?

The affection developers have for PowerBuilder cannot be denied. Once again this year, 34% are extremely satisfied (9 or 10 out of 10) and only 22% scored it less than 7 out of 10.

Certainly, these figures do not take into account projects that abandoned PowerBuilder, but we regularly see in comments that even if a company policy imposes a move to another technology, developers stay attached to PowerBuilder.

The answers to this question remain stable between 2008 and 2010.
Developers still widely require Windows Graphical Objects integration (43%), and integration with .NET is once again at the forefront of desired features (52%).

Looking forward, we will continue to monitor the adoption of these new technologies, in terms of types of applications developed, size of projects, etc.
You've helped us do so by completing our 2011 survey. Thank you! Your contribution is valued by the PowerBuilder community!

Still the best RAD / Agile .NET development tool on the market for business applications!
Muy bueno y rapido para desarrollar aplicaciones cliente servidor, pero se queda atras pero muy atras en la parte grafica.
Would like better access to datawindow properties in the debugger
In my opinion PowerBuilder is a unbeatable RAD tool for it's innovative functionality and potential creativity.
Al menos hasta la version 11.0 los objetos o controles para disear ventanas no tienen mucha variedad. Las apliaciones se ven "viejas". Me gustaria que se existieran controles ms modernos, ms esteticos. Las paginas web que se hacen en Microsoft .NET son mucho mas estticas.
Me gustaria saber cual el potencial de APPEOn, para migrar aplicaciones Power Builder a tecnologias WEB. Tambien me gustaria conocer algunos links de foros reconocidos para buscar respuestas a algunos topicos especificos de desarrolladores Power Builder.
Seria fabulosos poder contar con una mayor integracion en objetos graficos, pero sobre todo con servicios, para no depender tanto de objetos COM
I like Powerbuilder, hope it will have a future as it is simple to develop in. Happy to use it in the future, would like to know what options you have for multi developers and licensing
What a wonderfull tool I'm using for more than 10 years ;-)
el IDE es chevere pero falta que salga la version en espaol ademas debe presentar ayuda con visual y java despuez del punto aparece los metodos y propiedas q se pueden utilizar seria genial de esa forma
Our customers want to be able to access our applications from a url. While having both c/s and web development capability is useful, the focus going forward has to be web. PowerBuilder also has to allow us to deploy applications with a first-class user interface.
PowerBuilder is the fastest and easiest tool in developing client/Server application. Sybase needs to take serious step to market this good product to generate sales from companies with young developer.
We're in the process of rewriting our client app in Adobe Flex. We'll continue to use PowerBuilder to maintain the existing app for roughly the next 3 years until the rewrite is complete.
Need XML Schema support
have always loved PowerBuilder , best tool, years ago, now everyone wants experience in web development tools and the number of customers in usa is practically nill for pb jobs! It's actually sad as PowerBuilder was the BEST development tool I have ever used, simply leared PowerBuilder and you were in, now there is .NET, Javascript, XML, DHTML, HTLM, AJAX, and a ton of other controls, ocx, and things you have to know to get a screen to accept data and save it to the database! With PowerBuilder you had a single tool which did it all, again loved PowerBuilder and still do but HAVE to go where the users are headed!
Great tool. I love it for database type applications. Using PFC as well. It would-be nice to enable OLAP OLE DB database connection (MS OLAP Cube, Hyperion Essbase cubes, MDX). Adding multi-dimension database access via OLEDB and enabling it with data window (matrix) type display will benefit us greatly.
Disappointed that WinForms .NET improvements were abandoned for WPF for version 12. I will now be cautious about moving to WPF. Once bitten twice shy.
Good product that isn't being used. New applications must be web enabled, even if they aren't client facing.
I just converted an application from PowerBuilder 8 to PowerBuilder 11, and it took me about 4 hours. I think that's a feature that Sybase can brag about.
Even though PowerBuilder 5 is very old, it still runs an important application and does not falter often. A new application, built with a newer language, would just be a cosmetic change really.
I'm from the old guard ... have used PowerBuilder since version 2 in 1992!
El equipo de Sistema agradecer todo lo relativo a PowerBuilder que nos puedan dar a conocer as como poder integrarnos en algn club o grupo que ustedes puedan facilitarnos, en pro de intercambiar experiencias. muchas gracias!
A free kind of Appeon For Windows is very welcome. This will allow ANY PowerBuilder Applications to be ported to internet with minimum customization.
Best development tool I have ever used!
Powerbuilder is Excellent developer,but mould is not a lot of example,application developer is a lot of difficile.
We'll migrate our application from PowerBuilder 6.5 to PowerBuilder 11.x , But we are not used to new user interface ! It's more hard to use than Pb6.5 ! It's too complex to program for the person of using PowerBuilder 6.5. And we don't know how to upgrate application from client/server to web service.
Powerbuilder needs to be more stable when run with the debugger.
Can PowerBuilder more compete with less resources needed?
Unfortunately this department is moving to .NET and c# so maintenance only for PowerBuilder
1. We wish powerbuilder has function to control devices and functions 2. We use PowerBuilder 10.x and we want to have SQL Server connect in database profiles 3. In our company, 90% use PowerBuilder as a development language and we want to develop this programming language in our company from us
Sybase product are great.. but the way of their selling strategies are sucks.. Only at Sybase the Registration of User Group are have to pay.. While in others it free and even sometime they invite the user groups for some exhibition, that why recently we hardly to find a fresh graduate programmer knew about powerbuilder.. don't be so cheap lha
needs to be marketed better.
We are proud using Power Builder
We still love powerbuilder.
I Love this Powerbuilder but there are very few jobs for powerbuilder.
i am PowerBuilder devloper. i am working in PowerBuilder last 3 years. i work on different version of PowerBuilder like 6.0,9.0,10.0,10.5 i feel PowerBuilder is very Storng tools RAD Model.
Its a great tool, it just needs great marketing as well, Sybase must take some lessons from Bill Gates :)
There is an urgent need to increase awareness about PowerBuilder in the world especially to the Educational institutions. The next generation coming our of Colleges and Universities does not anything about PowerBuilder. PowerBuilder must allow us to develop high quality Web based applications. We find a lot of weaknesses in this area.
Sybase needs to drop its prices on PowerBuilder. As an independent contractor, I like to build applications with PowerBuilder as it's SOOO fast to get something up and running. However I dislike the prices that are more geared to enterprise shops, even though the trend is clearly a move AWAY from PowerBuilder for these shops. Us small contractors do help to keep PowerBuilder alive, too!
We would like to see pb as an toplevel rad tool allowing integretion of components and codes of diverse technology as in 10 in the survey.
We hope, that Powerbuilder IDE becomes more stable in the future (like we know that from PowerBuilder 6.5.1)
I have tried last version of PowerBuilder to test for .Net integration with PowerBuilder . But trial version is not working correctly on Vista. Maybe this error depends on operating system. I didn't test correctly.
Having over 10 years of Powerbuilder experience it is dissapointing that a lot of companies now consider it to be a legacy development tool and the number companies that are using PowerBuilder and advertising jobs has dropped significantly over the past few years. So I am leaving Powerbuilder development behind in favour of Java not because it is a better tool but because I am more likely to stay employed.
Improve the datawindow, crosstab, n-up, composite. We are still looking at the same problems we had in PowerBuilder 6 or 5.
Some times I found that in PowerBuilder Application we get GPF(General Protection Failure) I have tried to find out solution for hits bug in windows but I did not get yet. So, Please try to fix it in version 10 and greater.
God save PowerBuilder !
PowerBuilder is a great tool with no promotion... That's a great problem...
The current look-n-feel of the current PowerBuilder application may not look too attractive in its native form but the learning curve and how fast you can develop an application in PB is not comparable. Ease of use & the scripting language is supper. The performance of the WEBFORM application needs to be seiously looked into. I hope PB 12 will address this.
Invest on Marketing and PowerBuilder promotion
Need some additional work on graphing capabilities, but overall, I really like using PB. I support 7 client/server and 1 web application built in PB.
PowerBuilder need proper marketing.
Still find PowerBuilder hard to beat over all existing tools. Is a core component of our Utility Billing/CIS product. Would like to see some sort of option to keep together on datawindows to prevent group breaking across pages, or if has to happen due to space, to suppress trailing footer and new header being used if not wanted. Would like to see PB 12 soon but also want it to be done well. Try to make each release useful, we often skip .5 releases and found 8 and 10 of limited use as well. Sybase marketing is woeful, worried this might ultimately lead to PB demise, but .Net integration may help save it. Add tooltips to all controls not just picture buttons. Allow templates for datawindows to have same look and feel (not inheritance although something like that might be nice too).
I consider PB a good in fact a very good tool that fall in the hands of aq bad company. We are not using PB anymore and I doubt PB will survive any longer.
Despite some improvements, I still see Powerbuilder as a dying language. We won't be implementing any new applications in it. It's only legacy applications that keeps it going.
Every thing nice except your marketing policy in GCC. Not so good this is the reason that drives PB developers to go to other tools like Oracle which has a good reputation. This my opinion. I'm planning to be oracle developer after finishing my Master study due to Business requirements, and Universities, because they only hear about Oracle. Some of Doctors and instructors in GCC's Universities and institutes don't know what is Sybase or PowerBuilder.
Still to expensive. Cost has prevented us from moving to PB11
1 - Export Reports Layout to Excel as seen in PB 2 - Enhancement in Interface, Animations, tooltips for every thing. 3 - adding graph types to Datawindow Graph to like as EXcel. 4 - Adding Water flow graph, Variance graph. 5 - full integration with EXCEL. 6 - Return dynamic arrays from functions (multi-dimentional). 7 - return dynamic structure from functions. 8 - supporting to ASP.Net datatypes. 9 - Enhancement in Tab Interface (striped Tab). 10 - adding feature to Datawindow-groub Box to be expanded and collapsed. 11 - List view should be enhanced to be like as windows list view. 12 - add animation option to window controls when visible or invisable. 13 - button enterface,to be Rectangle , Ellipse & Rounded Rectangle
Pity PB is not marketed better
Looking forward to see Great PowerBuilder's Glory in coming days, Best wishes to Sybase Team
Would have been nice to indicate the multiple versions of PB used (PB 5, PB 8, and PB 11)
Astonishing how Webforms Application works
Still the best tool.
I am looking foward to future version and also for possible use of Powerbuilder to develope G3 apps/
As our main developing tool (since ver pb5) pb 11.5 with the new column rich text edit control can give us a real advantage if only it will support right to left lingos(Hebrew(, it is excellent for accounting software and financial reports and can save a lot of checking time when writing financial reports by C.p.a s and companies!!!!!.
Comparing to Visual Studio Powerbuilder has a well strucured IDE and easy to handle components.
- Why today's developer want to develop application in .Net insted of PowerBuilder ? - Because Helping material is not easily available in market. - 70% people have no introduction with SYBASE (PowerBuilder). At institute level it should also introduce
PowerBuilder is still the best for client-server application development.
We are goinf to convert our powerbuilder application to Microsoft visual studio .Net using C#. I think it is the last year that I will use Powerbuilder. I prefer to work in Powerbuilder but most of the companies are going to change Poerbuilder to another platform.
we are a custom development company and all of our new developemnt is in Java. I personally like developing in PB but don't see our company developing any new applications in PB unless the customer speciffically asks for it. I am interested in see if PB has increased in the marketshare
The best client/server tool. Works ok with .NET but need new releases to fully embrace it. The web aspect is lacking.
The massive .NET n-tier system that was supposed to replace our good-ol' PB client server software is a steaming failure. For client-server database systems, nothing comes close to PowerBuilder or Sybase.
1. It is a scandal that there is no debugging support for datawindows--after all these years. No compile-time error warnings, either. 2. The IDE is a disaster. It prevents use of software tools of all descriptions. Get rid of it.
Turning PowerBuilder into one of .Net languages is not a lucky step. MS Visual Studio has a special task: it must support all the technologies introduced by MS on low level. For this it needs general purpose low level languages like C#. In C# one can write any program. But migrating a PB application to C# would result in a very complicated system and big amount of C# code. PB has other mission. Its purpose to lighten the development of systems for data processing and database access. Generally there is no need to access low level OS objects from PB code. (In the rare instance anybody can write a small .NET access routine and call it from PB script. PB must provide a way for that.) If you want to keep your developer community, make PB more comfortable, extend its possibilities, resolve its constraints. Yes, generating code for .Net Winform or Webform from an existing complete PB application giving the parameters on a form is a good direction. This way a PB developer can make use of the new technology without using hassle .NET objects. Be at the cutting edge on your field! Make PB more efficient and more comfortable! Make use of the new technologies without making PB script unnecessary complex. OK: I know improving PB is costly and currently MS invest very much in his VS. ".NET" sounds well at present. Students learn VS in the school. It takes a little time while people recognize PB is more effective than VS/C#. That, plus a little more PR and you can reach the time when people wants to migrate from C# to PB!
Would prefer if you could create standard Web Pages with PB11 as opposed RIA. Will experiment with the datawindow.net.
Very dependable and productive development environment.
When PB.12 launching?
Very buggy IDE! But still the best RAD tool for us.
While PowerBuilder is a decent tool, it has continued to lose marketshare and, as a developer, it is time to move into other technologies. Sybase failed to grow with the times and is always lagging behind.
Does someone know if PB6.5 is compatible with SQL Anywhere 11?
Migration from old version of PB to new version cost of a lot of Time($). Most of the company will compare the Time($) spending on PB migration with new development with other development tools. Very looking forward to a Migration Tools which easily convert old PB to new PB version. Keep you Customers, at the same time Keep you Market Shares
The major improvement I'm waiting for is in the IDE. If I could have a "Visual Studio intelisense like" into Powerbuilder, it would be for me, with the datawindow, the more productive IDE on the market...
Hope PowerBuilder will be released with an integrated WebServer, allowing standard client server programming to be automatically deployed as Web Application without changing the code and without using additional pricey software such as Appeon for PowerBuilder
While we have had a good relationship with PowerBuilder as our primary development tool for many years, the time has come to move on. We have shifted our entire development strategy towards Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server, C# and .Net. The two main reasons for leaving PowerBuilder is: 1) We can't find experienced PowerBuilder developers, or other developers willing to use PowerBuilder! 2) PowerBuilder is only PowerBuilder! In the new world of agile, demands for integration with C.I. systems and the rich IDE experiences delivered by Visual Studio with all the addons (like CodeRush or Resharper), PowerBuilder is a leftover from the days of the rouge Cowboy programmer.
hard to stop the bleeding!
Haven't done anything innovative with Powerbuilder for years. But is used in many of our critical legacy applications.
Love PowerBuilder but why don't Sybase push it more?
I work in one division of a large (45k+) organization. I do not know the extent of PB penetration. I know of other PB programs but with office all over the world I cannot quantify an answer for the whole company.
Now V9 moving to V11.5 then V12
Looking forward to web apps developed using PB will be generally compatible to all browsers
Good to work with Powerbuilder, as the product can be delivered faster. But the objects applied in the application must be much faster
When we have selected PB (in year 1997-98), it was one of the best choice. We have developed our Apllication in PB6.0 and few years back in was migrated to PB 8. But now we are exploring the market and future road map for our application. Moreover, we believe that no more new projects are being developed in PB.
PowerBuilder need good marketing. Best development tools but market demand getting less due to not proper marketing.
There's the need for more trainers on PowerBuilder worldwide. The products marketability has to be improved upon.
Still the best RAD development tool around for intensive data oriented applications!
I'm no expert but I don't believe there's any better client/server development tool available.
commision some books for ver 12
Best GUI I have every used. With the integration with .net it will be even better.
wait for PB 12
I love PB. Management and coworkers only know Microsoft/.NET.
I have been PB Developer for past 10 years. It seems Sybase is desperately trying to improve PB by integrating it with Java, J2ee and .net for quite a while. Most of the good pb developer have migrated to Java or .net or other technologies because of the fact that web apps have taken over the market so well and pb was never very successful in that area. Moreover the quality of support given by Sybase now is horrible and one of the worst I have seen in the Industry.
Excellent tool but, did not improve as technology spl, with web development.
Sybase needs to promote Power Builder and the .Net features more in Australia. There are plenty of companies with Power Builder who are migrating to .Net or Java because they haven't been informed of the bridging capabilities. There needs to be a series of presentations in Australian capital cities and partners created to promote the rapid application development for web based applications.
Kindly provide the documents to put powerbuilder in integration with .net
PowerBuilder need promotion more.. and cost down
PowerBuilder has the potential to survibe for a long time for it's simplicity.
I like PowerBuilder, but I don't use it as much because my company is in the process of migration to Java. PowerBuilder is now branded legacy software and being software providers we don't have a choice but to move to more upto date language/tools. Still miss the power of Datawindow, and wish Sybase would make it open source.
Please provide 90 days trial versions we can able to test and learn more as view of Developer. We need get easy writing script methords which contians all events and funtions of the obect like as Edit Source and with compilation also. we need to easily move to one event to another events..for Eg My cursor is in open event of window this event calls ue_open. Suppose when click or pressing any special key in ue_open word then i want to move cursor to ue_open events or open the ue_open events.
Linux, Linux, Linux!!!
I need to know the future of PowerBiulder
A better debugger is needed. Many error messages during development. Gets thrown out for no reason. Don't really know how the new version of PB is like, but a lot of improvments in visual area are needed. The application just looks old.
I would love to be able to port my existing application to the web.
PB was the BEST tool in it's day. I have worked in the industry 25+ years and PB was the best, yes I looked at everything! The problem came with the web and everyone had to have a web enabled application, even when it didn't make sense. There are little to none PB jobs anymore and if you have not learned the newer web technologies you are lost.........
Make sure releases of PB are stable.
I'm a big proponant of the powerbuilder stack, unfortunately, my company is not, and the atmosphere here is poisoned against Sybase products in general, and powerbuilder in particular
We work in a multitier environment. Our PowerBuilder interface to other J2EE applications via web services. Web services improvements is a plus.
Très bon outil de développement malheureusement non connu chez les développeurs de ma région.
Donnez a PB un design digne de ce nom. et rendez nous fier de presenter des application PB, et nous conitnuerons a utiliser ce qui est pour moi le meilleur SDK d'Applis de BDD. Si le design est a jour, on pourras vendre du PB a nouveau
Simplification des accès JAVA/J2EE seraient très appréciés.
j'ai vu les TCP de PB12 - très intéressant (où comment faire du .NET sans le savoir) - l'avenir de PB semble assuré
Les migrations PowerBuilder ne sont pas aisées. La version 12 ressemble de plus en plus à l'Arlésienne. Peu de communication en français. Le produit, qui était novateur, le devient de moins en moins.
Nous avons développé une application en PB.Net WebForm et nous somme très déçu du résultat. Dans le futur nous allons développer nos application web avec Visual Studio en ASP.Net / C# directement.
PowerBuilder reste la pierre angulaire de nos développements
Falta mejorar el IDE, especialmente la calidad del IntelliSence, y agregar la búsqueda de dependencia de objetos para realizar análisis de impacto.
Me gustaria conocer mas sitios (en español) donde pueda encontrar soluciones de aplicaciones hechas por PB. Pues cuando requiero referencias son muy pocos los lugares que encuentro.
El IDE de desarrollo de PowerBuilder es muy limitado, posiblemente por esta razón la cantidad de programadores ha disminuido y ha optado por construir las aplicaciones en .NET
En general yo desarrollaria nuevos proyectos con POWERBUILDER(10.X o 11.X), soy fiel al estylo de POWERBUILDER...pero...en la parte WEB si que no hay material en la red como para empezar bien a java o aspx
En espera de PB12
Excelente herramienta de desarrollo, el manejo de los datos a través de las datawindow es poderoso y fácil de implementar. Las migraciones a nuevas versiones es realmente fácil y llevar nuestras aplicaciones a Web es relativamente fácil con muy pequeñas adecuaciones de código, por lo menos, son las conclusiones a las cuales llegamos al hacer las pruebas, aunque aún no utilizamos el 100%de powerbuilder 11.5.
PowerBuilder me pàrece una de las herramientas mas solidas para desarrollo y aun me falta explotar mas sus capacidades y limites en el desarrollo
Les falta mejorar bastante el IDE de desarrollo, la ayuda debe ser mas dinamica y con ejemplos claros y de varias variantes. En general lo demas muy bien.
PowerBuilder es una excelente herramienta de desarrollo, sobre todo, la facilidad para interactuar con la bases de datos, pero han dejado de la lado el soporte para java, también que su precio es bastante costoso y hace difícil las actualizaciones, sobre todo para empresas que hacen su propio desarrollo y no piensan en el software como fuente de ingresos ya que este no es el fin de ellas(pasa actualmente en esta empresa)
Será posible uan edición gratuita de DataWindows.NET? Si lo hacen lograrán llamar la atención de muchos desarrolladores.
Que se desarrallade pwer builder en español, y mas datos sobre datawindows.net y otras para la red, en español
1.Desarrollar EBF que actualicen los drivers nativos de conectividad a bds de alta rotacion como por ejemplo Oracle 2. Mejorar la interfaz interna de administración de base de datos
Seria bueno que el Power Builder pueda generar ejecutables que corran en Linux. Y tambien seria conveniente que el Datawindow.Net venga incluido en el instalador Power Builder.
Seria bueno que el Power Builder pueda generar ejecutables que corran en Linux. Y tambien seria conveniente que el Datawindow.Net venga incluido en el instalador Power Builder.
Ejemplos TOTALMENTE OPERATIVOS sobre uso de powerbuilder con internet, Soporte para usuarios de MAC, como yo por ejemplo. asi tambièn sus ejemplos con WinForms deben ser mejorados para seguir usando PowerBuilder, MANUALES UTILES. màs estable en el uso de funciones, mejorar la bùsqueda de objetos. la ventana Open de los objetos es un asco, deben mejorarla. poder filtrar el library painter solo PBLs y repito solo PBLs. usar ejemplos tambien con MS SQL, Oracle o cualquier otra DBMS. Editar codigo fuente en el DEBUG (tiempo de depuraciòn). poder disponer de la ventana propiedades como era en PB 6. y no todo el tiempo porque ocupa recursos y no alcanza nunca a verse lo que muestra. el System Tree pueda ocultarse NO cerrarse.
Para dar mejor apertura a powerbuilder en latinoamerica se deberian hacer GUI en español, literatura en español.
Promocionar y capacitar mas en tecnologias power builder
Me parece una excelente herramienta la cual deberia estar mas actualizada con las nuevas tendencias del mercado
no se como este la tendencia a nivel mundial, pero en mexico, hay una tendencia que indica que el PB no esta siendo tan popular como .net o Java, les comento esto por que creo firmemente que es una muy buena herramienta de desarrollo, que desafortunadamente le falta mas difucion para conocer sus bondades... sigo a sus ordenes
basicamente soy un desarrollador independiente, que tiene aplicativos pequeños, pero el costo de capacitacion sobre power builder es muy alto, me gustaria saber donde me puedo capacitar para poder migrar a versiones mas recientes, a aplicativos para moviles y para internet. Gracias
Herramienta muy poderosa, eficiente y práctica. No tiene complicaciones y es muy estable.
Muy poco soporte a nivel de Colombia, especialmente Medellín y un alto costo en las licencias de desarrollo.
falta mejorar el lenguaje para desarrollar aplicaciones Web. y debe de definir claramente que componentes utiliza dicha tecnologia para ser ejecutado eficientemente en el entorno web
que se ligero en la web
Espero mejoras de Powerbuilder en versiones posteriores a la 11.5, debe seguir de cerca lo que esta haciendo microsoft visual studio .NET. Y en cuanto al precio de licencia de PB este debe mejorar los precios, en algunos paises latinos esta muy caro. Saludos
1) Necesitan incorporar utilidades para la generación rápida de aplicaciones WEB. 2) Incorporar soporte de ejecución de aplicaciones PowerBuilder
con Apache, no solo con IIS. 3) Utilitarios para generar ejecutables PowerBuilder de aplicaciones con arquitectura client/server que contengan dentro del mismo (ejecutable), la Base de datos Sybase utilizada, de modo a que se puedan generar CDs o DVDs que contengan el .exe del PowerBuilder y el runtime de la Base de Datos Sybase.
Mejorar el desarrollo de Power Builder en la WEB Reducir costos Mayor difusion de la herramienta
Las mejoras son sustanciales y de una reutilidad que mejora nuestra labor en pos de la eficacia y eficiencia
Excelente herramienta durante estos 12 años que la he usado no tengo queja alguna, las quejas son mas bien sobre microsoft que cuando quieren cambian y hace que los demas software sean incompatibles. Muchas gracias
vamos a emigrar a windows 2008 server y a sqlserver 2008, y power builder tambien
Proporcionar herramientas de mas fácil uso para conección con MySQL.
Me gustaria que tuvieramos alguna aplicacion para migrar una estructura completa de sybase a mysql
soporte para linux es una falencia que tienen creo , seria bueno que tomen en cuenta
Estamos migrando de PB 6.5 a 10.x, pero comenzamos el desarrollo de cero utilizando la base de experiencia de la versión anterior y aprovechar las nuevas facilidades para construir una aplicación convertible a basada en web, con acceso a consultas desde Internet.
que bajen considerablemente los precios en la Argentina
La versión 11.5 de PowerBuilder nos ayudará muchísimo con la migración de nuestras aplicaciones actuales hacia la Web y a .NET. Sin embargo, necesitamos de algun soporte para desarrollar a bajo nivel aplicaciones que manejan millones de registros. Nuestro único problema es la lenta recuperación de datos en los datawindows cuando se tienen más de 10 millones de registros. Gracias.
Soy desarrollador de software muchos cliente desean que las aplicaciones corran bajo Linux. Espero algun momento se de.
Es una excelente herramienta de desarrollo
Hola, mi nombre es Luis Herrera y soy gerente de desarrollo en el área de logística, durante varios años he manejado aplicaciones Cliente/Servidor con PB y me parece una de las herramientas más poderosas, por la flexibilidad que ofrecen las DataWindow. No hemos utilizado PowerBuilder en el desarrollo de aplicaciones WEB y aplicaciones móviles, si me gustaría tener información sobre el uso de estas; su potencialidad; infraestructura; alcance; visión; casos de éxito, ya que los comentarios que me han llegado no son buenos, me informan que desarrollar una aplicación WEB muy artesanal.
El PB9 es muy bueno, pero tengo información que el PB11.5 es excelente. Veremos que ocurre con el PB12.
Necesitamos mas informacion de como consumir servicios web java desde powerbuilder 10.5
Para mi, luego de 9 años de uso de PB, he encontrado q es una herramienta excelente, pero si me gustaria saber la forma de poner graficos como fondo de las ventanas tanto de la principal como de las otras, es decir q su interfaz grafica sea mas flexible. Q permita el manejo de perifericos por medio de los puertos y q venga integrado manejo de handheld. Gracias.
Creo que PB se quedo en la parte Web y .NET aspoto por Web.
excelente, no pienso cambiar a Power Builder
I need better integration between PB Win32 and DotNet.
Espero que la migración a PB12 no suponga reescribir mucho código.
Es una Herramienta importante de programacion pero desconosco si se puede convertir o implementar nuevas aplicaciones pero ya para entorno web,ya que la tendencia hacia el futuro es el desarrollo de aplicaciones web.(java,php,etc...)
deberia de haber un PowerBuilder en Español y apoyar y/o difundir mas informacion para desarrollar PowerBuilder en Web y con .Net
Deberian diseñar licencias accesibles de PB 11.0 y PB 11.5 para los desarrolladores independientes.
RAD excelente
Bueno seria interesante que se realice herramientas de desarrollo para plataformas Linux, es decir construir un Power Builder para linux en sus diferentes presentaciones...
me gustaria que las mejoras de power builder esten al alcance de los usuario con tutoriales avanzados y ejemplos
Es una de las mejores herrameinetas para el desarrollo de aplicaciones que he tenido la oportunidad de manejas. Lo utilizo desde el año 1994 Version 3
con PowerBuilder realmente es muy facil desarrollar software. y muy sorprendente el poder del objeto datawindows
quiero hacer aplicaciones para Linux
hola soy un alumno que conoci power b. y empese a investigar y ahora me gusta mucho espero averles ayudado ..............GuiSOFT...........
Es algo dificil encontrar buena capacitación en power builder, al menos en mi pais es asi; no hay mucha difusion acerca de donde ubicar centros de enseñanza.
Ojala se mejore el aspecto grafico, ya que en mi caso, uso librerias externas para poder mejorar el estilo visual de DW y ventanas
Sigan mejorando Power Builder para asi nosotros tambien mejorar nuestras aplicaciones y sistemas.
Powerbuilder es una poderosa herramienta de desarrollo empresarial, pero tiene falencias a la hora de desarrollar pantallas graficas.
Sigan Mejorando la herramienta.
Hemos utilizado powerbuilder desde hace muchos años, con excelentes resultados. Pero nos gustaría que corrigieran los bugs que todavía trae de versiones anteriores. Algunos de ellos son que de repente estando en el pintor de desarrollo, aborta la aplicación y no indica el motivo, simplemente se sale.
Es un programa aunque no existe muchos centros de enseñanza
Gracias, si en un principio con la versión 9 de Power builder estaba muy limitado algunas opciones de interface, web, e integridad, con la 10.5 se innovó e intentó mejorar e integrarle funcionalidad, pero creo yo que con la versión 11.5 se ha mejorado muchisimo, y eso es nos ayuda a todos, a los desarrolladores asi como a las empresas al entregarle un producto competitivo y de calidad, espero que la versión 12 sea mucho más compacta en performance e integridad, asi como en modernidad. lo vienen haciendo muy bien. por favor anhelo poder tener un GUI de power builder en español. gracias!
Seria muy plausible el tener una version en Español de esta herramienta tan valiosa y fundamental para nuestro trabajo.
Seria importatnte, que los datwindows tengan una función para ser exportados al formato XML solo sus datos y con el formato que el usuario proponga, ademas corregir los datawindows que se crean al momento de la ejecución( o mas llmados datastore), para que nos permitan controlar lo errores
that´s allright folks :D
Es un sofware de programacion muy bueno,los felicito a los creadores del software.y sigan haciendolo cada vez mucho mejor,porque es una herramienta muy importante de futuro. ahora ultimo he visto el power 12.net y realmente es bravaso con todo lo que tiene. en perú se esta utilizando en casi todas las universidades en ing. de sistemas , el power builder,ya que es parte del silabus, es por eso que mas personas en ing. de sistemas se estan especializando en power. alumno de la uap-ica-perú.
Aplicacion muy completa, sin embargo laboro en una empresa mas bien pequeña y estan pensando en utilizar otras herramientas mas baratas...
El Software es muy bueno no pienso cambiarme .. pero es necesario se más versatilidad en el traslado de las aplicaciones a WEB
mejorar el ide
Mejorar la estabilidad de PowerBuilder, Tengo un promedio de Cuelgues de 5 veces por dia esto es desde la version, 4.0 debrian corregir este problema.
Sigan adelante
Buen Desarrollador
Mas documentacion para saber como interactua PB, con otras Bases de Datos, SQL, DB y Oracle
felicitaciones pr este producto
Toda la ayuda de power builder deberia ser en español.
Me gustaria mejoren los Dw graficos, que soporten series de datos por ejemplo
PowerBuilder es muy amigabble para desarrollar
Que se siga desarrollando Power Builder con una integracion a .NET
El desarrollo o deply de webform deberian ser muncho mas rapido.... me imagino el control de los hilos de comunicacion con cada dw.....
programo en power builder desde la version 4.0 he pasado por todas las versiones hasta la 11.5 que actualmente utilizo y estoy muy conforme con la herramienta. estamos esperando la version 12 para ver lo nuevo. Esperamos mayor presencia de sybase en Peru.
bueno, si me asacado de apuros, pero tambien quisiera ver otros sistemas, sus diseñor y como lo realizo
que saquen powr builder en español urgente
Fata mas documentación para el proceso de migracion de aplicaciones clientes-servidor a aplicaciones web.
En nuestra compañía la mayoría desarrolla con PB 7.0, solo tenemos una licencia de PB 11.5, con la cual estamos migrando y contruyendo una nueva aplicación. En PB 11.5, al desarrollar con WebForms, hemos notado varias carencias. A continuación listo lo que esperamos que se pueda realizar en un futuro para los desarrollos con WebForms: 1) Que la aplicación pueda correr satisfactoriamente en otros exploradores como por ejmeplo FireFox. 2) Que las aplicaciones migradas desde cliente/servidor a WebForms puedan ser más fácilmente optimizadas para evitar la lentitud que tienen en Internet. 3) Que sea posible realizar el Drag&Drop en WebForms. 4) Que los Tip Text de los datawindows funcionen en WebForms. 5) Que sea posible adjuntar archivos al enviar mails haciendo uso del System.Net.Mail.Attachment de .NET. 6) Que se puedan tener colores con Gradient en WebForms. 7) Que sea posible indicar contornos redondeados en los objetos. 8) Que se agreguen más tipos de gráficas. 9) Que se corrijan algunos problemas en los campos de tipo Date, en WebForms. 10) Que se pueda cambiar el TabBackColor de los Tabs, en WebForms, en tiempo de ejecución. 11) Que se puedan utilizar el GetAtPointer en WebForms. 12) Mejorar la velocidad de ejecución en las nuevas versiones de Internet Explorer, ya que, por ejemplo, en la versión 6, las aplicaciones corren más rápido que en la 8. En general PB en cliente/servidor es muy bueno, pero en WebForms tiene aún muchas deficiencias. De las mejoras futuras depende el uso de PB para desarrollar en Web. Si no hay mejoras suficientes tendríamos que buscar otra opción. Ojala estás mejoras puedan ser tomadas en cuenta. Gracias.
Bueno esperamos que no solamente el power builder funcione en una plataforma de windows, sino tambien desearia mucho que corra sobre plataformas de linux
Desarrollar la parte WEB pero no como el beta de la version 12 que trae dos ide
Lo aprendi a trabajar y e realizado algunos trabajos en Power Builder, y deseo afianzar y conocer màs de Power Builder. Gracias.
Quisiera que no abandonen el power builder clasico en las versiones que vengan despues de la 12
Es una excelnete herramienta pero le suguiero que a medida que vaya evolucionando la instrucciones sean mas interactiva doy un ejemplo: si esto manejando el objecto SLE_1.text Que cuando digita uno SLE_1. aparezca los eventos relacionado con dicho objecto seria de gran ayuda la mayoria de los lenguaje ya lo utiliza y power builder no seria la excepcion