PowerBuilder Worldwide Survey Results 2008
Survey summary

1. Which versions of PB are currently used?
2. Types of PB projects in 2008
3. PowerBuilder and databases
4. New uses for PowerBuilder
   - PocketBuilder
   - Datawindow.NET
   - Generation of .NET code
5. Other technologies used: Java or .NET?
6. What do you think of PowerBuilder?

 1 Which versions of PB are currently used?

In 2007, PB10 became the most used version and still is in 2008 with 40% of projects (PB10 and 10.5 combined), ahead of PB9 (25%) which has lost 4% against the 2007 results.
As expected, in contrast to 2007, PB11 now shows up in this ranking. 15% of projects already use this newest version.

PB9, whose use started to decline in 2007, is still used for a quarter of PB projects.

In 2008 48% of projects were intending to migrate to a newer version of PowerBuilder.
This percentage is relatively constant: Each year, about half of PowerBuilder projects intend on updating their development environment.

 2 Types of PB projects in 2008

The size of PowerBuilder project teams remains pretty stable from one year to the next:

  • 5% of projects are by large teams (more than 20 people). These projects often use PowerBuilder to develop user interfaces and stored procedures for the business logic (see questions on databases and development of stored procedures).
  • 46% of projects involve 4 to 20 people.
  • 46% are managed by small teams (less than 4 people). These are normally small applications or maintenance-phase applications, taken care of by small teams involving corrections and minor changes

New Development or Maintenance :

Because PowerBuilder is a mature technology, a large proportion (40%, in contrast to 30% in 2007) of teams only manage applications in their maintenance phase.

Although the size of this group has dropped 10% since 2007, a large proportion of PB teams (60%) are developing new projects:
8% only develop new applications
52% manage existing applications as well

Although 67% of projects intend to continue using PowerBuilder in the long term for development, the proportion of respondent who intend to phase out the use of PB in the near future (1 to 2 years) has gone from 20% in 2007 to 29% in 2008.

 3 PowerBuilder and databases

Unsurprisingly, PowerBuilder projects often use Sybase databases: Nearly half of respondents use Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA) or Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE).
However Microsoft SQL (54%) Server and Oracle (47%) are more popular.

This distribution varies by size project:
Oracle databases are used more by large teams (61%) than small teams (40%).
The same is true for databases in Sybase ASE (38% for large projects vs. 17% for small), Informix (9% vs. 4%) and DB2 (12% vs. 5%).
SQL Server is the most-used database for all projects combined and has caught up with Oracle among large teams (only 2 points difference in 2008, in contrast to 19 in 2007).

PowerBuilder applications are often associated with database code (triggers, stored procedures, etc). 88% of projects develop stored procedures, of which 54% develop them in large quantities:

This trend is even more marked in large projects: 91% of them develop stored procedures, of which 65% develop them in large quantities.

They use PowerBuilder mainly to develop user interfaces, while business processes are coded on the server.

 4 New uses for PowerBuilder

PowerBuilder built its success in the 1990s on the development of client/server applications. In recent years, Sybase has changed its offerings to cover new needs (development of web applications, mobiles, etc).

What success have these technologies had?


PocketBuilder has been available for several years for developing mobile applications. As in 2007, 8% of survey participants said they used it in 2008. 17% of them thought they would use it in the future.
In fact, the percentage using PocketBuilder has been oscillating between 8 and 10% for three years and that figure is unlikely to change in the future.


In the battle between Java and .NET for first place in n-tier development, Sybase decided that PowerBuilder most closely resembled Microsoft technologies.
Sybase thus offered a version of DataWindow for .NET projects. Like PocketBuilder, 9 to 10% of developers used this component over the past three years (9% in 2007):

Generation of .NET applications from PB code

PowerBuilder is now able to generate .NET code from a PB application. 33% of respondents thought this functionality was strategically important:

There is clearly greater interest in this than in other recent PowerBuilder innovations (PocketBuilder, DW.NET, etc). Certainly, it reflects Microsoft's efforts to see its technology adopted. Are .NET applications going to become widespread among the PB community? Will PowerBuilder become an IDE.NET?
23% of participants already use this feature.

 5 Other technologies used: Java or .NET ?

.NET technologies have consolidated their position at the head of this ranking: 60% of PowerBuilder enterprises also develop Winform and/or Webform applications.

The gap between .NET and Java has slightly widened this year: only 45% of PB enterprises also develop Java applications.

After a slow but steady phase in decline, Oracle technologies seem to have reversed this trend with a 4% increase in use from 2007.

The growth of Java across this timeframe is explained by the greater penetration of n-tier projects in companies that use PB. However, we must note that .NET has increased the lead they had over Java last year. This may be an indicator of the success of Microsoft technologies against the Java platform.

 6 What do you think of PowerBuilder?

The very least we can say is that PowerBuilder users appreciate their development tool! Nearly 40% are extremely satisfied (9 or 10 out of 10) and only 16% scored it less than 7 out of 10. Certainly, these figures do not take into account projects that abandoned PowerBuilder: Generally, developers that move to another technology are less likely to participate in a PB survey.
We can certainly see here the result of Sybase efforts in PowerBuilder evolution in recent years.

We see above that the satisfaction rate was relatively stable for several years, but has declined slightly this year. Perhaps this is a sign of impatience from developers who await the anticipated release of PB12 next year.

PowerBuilder developers confirm this year again the importance of a better integration with .NET (52%).
They also show a growing interest in Web Services (48%) and Windows Graphical Objects (46%) integration.
The other categories remain stable against the 2007 results.

Looking forward, we will continue to monitor the adoption of these new technologies, in terms of types of applications developed, size of projects, etc.
If you have not yet responded to our 2009 survey, now is the time to do it! Your contribution is valued by the PB community! Take part by completing this form.

PB is still faster to develop data-driven applications, we use PFC pretty heavily. We'd like to leverage our knowledge of PB in our exploration of .NET
great tool! but marketing missteps & the PB7 debacle have killed 'mind share'. it's hrd to get people excited about PB any more. My company will be migrating off PB completely over the next 2-3 years.
Still love PB for what it does, but the tool is not supported well and PB developers are losing ground especially in the third-party tools market. Where the datawindow once reigned, open source and commerical products are catching up for developers in the .Net and Java space. Soon, if not already, the datawindow will provide little competitive edge.
Powerbuilder nous donne satisfaction depuis longtemps. En 2007 nous avons chou à crer une application Webform .net en beta pb11. Nous reprendrons ce projet en 2009.
We are not a Microsoft shop and wish to have more support for Java and XML
PowerBuilder is powerful client server development tool and it seems it is making very good progress towards web development. I have strong confident in this tool and I would like to stick with this forever.
PowerBuilder was the best Client/server toolset in the mid 90s when we selected it. It continues to be one of the most powerful software development toolsets available. I wish Sybase marketed it more/better. My agency has a huge investment in complex business and environmental rules implemented through PB code; it would be nearly impossible to replace that investment in another platform. I'm not really sure if we'll attempt to migrate to PB 11.x this year or not, we have many projects underway.
Still think PB is one of the greatest development tools. Keep it going.
Change of Rich Edit control from PB to third party was a disaster. Stuff like that is inexcusible to be doing in such a mature product.
In the past Powerbuilder was an excellent and reliable product. However, the recent releases have tried to turn it into a end all / be all product and it is managing to fail. Sybase should have created a different product to implement its web functionality rather than taking a good fat client tool and making is suitable for neither fat client development or web development.
While I'm still going back and forth between PB 10 & 11, I don't like the UI changes made in 11. Maybe when I start to use 11 on a regular basis I'll feel differently, however I don't think that will be the case. The new icons are not good. Half the time I can't tell if they are enabled or not.
PowerBuilder has served us very well over the years. Even though I indicated that we maintain apps rather than build new ones, it is mentioning that we add a tremendous amount of NEW functionality to this application every year. My requests of you are as follows: 1. Please keep developing new functionality. 2. Return PB to the forefront of technology solutions in the eyes of the development community by handling my request #1 as well as expand/improve your marketing efforts.
General impression is C#/.NET is the wave of the future, and PB is just for maintaining and developing existing apps. No new apps will be built in Powerbuilder unless there's a substantiated change of mind.
Our customers want browser based applications. We need Powerbuilder to continue being a cutting-edge data manipulation engine development tool--and also become a cutting-edge browser-based gui development tool. Powerbuilder apps need an easy from-the-web update capability.
Powerbuilder is a wonderful client/server development tool!
Would like a stable development environment.
We are towards the end of migrating to VB .Net and only have a few applications remaining in PB.
Sybase needs to push the marketing of APPEON. A great tool that no one knows about . . .
I'd like to see more bug fixes in new version of PowerBuilder rather than new features that I'm not likely to use. There were bugs introduced several years ago that still remain.
If Sybase was to get their product in the colleges and training centers as MS did with visual basic, access, etc. there would be more people with PowerBuilder knowledge. We would be able to hire developers with some training. As it is we can not hire trained personnel. Therefore we have to shift our development environment to where we can hire trained or at least slightly knowledgable personnel.
I really love PowerBuilder. Unfortunately you are doing a horrible job marketing the new versions and of course you were late to the dance so to speak. So I find myself now having to build a foundation class for .net to try to get to the same level of speed in building applications. That being said once I make the move, I doubt I will ever see PowerBuilder again. A real shame as I can literally do anything with PowerBuilder, and quickly. If I knew of an employer that was sticking with PowerBuilder I would go to work for them in a heart beat. Of course that is the problem... finding a company that is going to stick with PowerBuilder, another case of a company sitting on its base while Microsoft chipped it away.
Powerbuilder has always been a great tool. It's just to bad that management does not see it that way.
Do something so that PB gets importance as VB....MORE MARKETING...
I love using datawindows. It makes development so much faster. I'm looking forward to my next project in PB 11 so I can do web development in my app. The one thing that I would really like to see improved is being able to save datawindows as PDF documents (maybe it has improved in PB 11). Currently, it is very difficult to integrate into an application using PB 10 that I finally gave up on it but it would be so beneficial to some of my users to be able to use it.
I have been developing PowerBuilder since Dec. 1998. Keep making the improvements not only with respect to .NET but also with the Open Source / Java World.
Fell very good
while Powerbuilder is great, it is not marketable skill.
I think the PowerBuilder developers are doing great work moving the product forward. I hope they will continue their work and gain more adopters of the technology. I have been using it since 1993!
Highly productive tools like PowerBuilder are a must for or organization.
I've used Powerbuilder since 1996 version 4. The datawindows are second to none. We are a Software Development company that has about 7 PB apps. One new development in the last 2 years, mostly support of the current apps. For new development we use JAVA. The only problem I have is there doesn't seem to be a lot of companys that use PowerBuilder, at least not in the Syracuse, New York area. I wish there were more options since we are a very small company that relies heavily on government contracts
I would like to see improvements to the debugging capabilities within PowerBuilder. A unified IDE might be nice (Pocket Powerbuilder, datawindow .NET, Powerbuilder).
Power Builder is a great tool to develop tradional Windows Based applications but it needs to provide better support for developing Web Based applications. Power Builder needs to keep up with the technology, they are always playing catch-up to Microsoft technologies, by the time they start supporting a technology Microsoft is already two technologies ahead
i have stumbled across some very annoying bugs in the IDE. One that is particularly bothersome, has to do with changing parameters in functions/procedures. Most generally , when I alter an existing function's parameters ( i.e. changing the parameter name, data type , reference/value type ) the IDE will crash, and must be restarted. Another issue i have is with the compiler. I have seen instance where a variable declaration and initialization behave strange. For Example: do while (some condition true) //want to set some locally declared var to true each iteration boolean b = true loop I have seen bugs develop because of this single line declaration/initialization problem. It's like the variable is never assigned a value at all. But if I had coded instead: boolean b b = true there is no problem.
Needs MS OLAP OLE Db support. As well as MDX. Data Window should have support for Multi dimensional data sources (OLAP) and MDX.
I am completing this survey for nostalgia purposes only. I enjoyed using PowerBuilder for ten years, but with the Sybase acquisition it completely lost focus (and brainshare). The datawindow is still awesome, but it has been neglected in favor of attempting to do things PB just doesn't do well: web apps, integration with application servers etc.
The Datawindow is still the best data access tool around.
I am upgrading from PB 8 to PB 11. The IDE is a little outdated when compare to Visual studio 2008. I wish I had the intellisense feature in PB 11, that will same me a lot of typing.
Loved PB for years.. hard to find PB developers tho .. That is the reason we will most likely be phasing out and into .net
For the most part I really like PowerBuilder. One of the items I would like to see added is arguments to a drop-down datawindow that can be applied in the datawindow, like you would with a nested datawindow. Most of my drop downs are based on the data in the selected row and therefore I have to re-retreieve the data on rowfocuschanged event making it awkward at best.
I have been using PowerBuilder for client/server development since v4. I am currenlty upgrading 8 applications to pb11 and looking at developing a new application using pb11 web capabilities. Powerbuilder is a GOOD tool.
Would like to see Powerbuilder Web applications run on Firefox browsers and be hosted on Unix Machines at some point in the near future.
Office standard not .Net and C#
PB is a great product. Please make it live for long & make it up-to-date.
Sybase should advertise more to promote PB. I recently received an email for an online session from ideablade (I do not know the correct name. They advertise in MSDN), a microsoft partner on how to get rid of powerbuilder.
Remains a great tool for what it was designed for - rapid dB client/serverapplication development tool.
Can get unstable, specially with EAserver components.
PowerBuilder is one of the best and most productive development tools available. We are glad when our competitors move to Java or .NET because we can code circles around them. This means we can make more profit or beat the competition with a lower price.
HI, Can we make the deployment kit in Powerbuilder which has GUI to include pbds or dlls, Powerbuilder support dlls, powerbuilder resource file, DB related dlls and other support files required for applications to run in Windows or Mac environment. Please do that. It would really make PB a complete RAD tool. Thanks Kumar Krishnan
We have 5 of us using Powerbuilder 9. Three others have migrated to PB11. We as developers like PB very much for developing windows quickly. Our business is DNA profiling (Paternity testing, Convicted Offender testing, and Bone Marrow testing. Our manager is trying to find a replacement for PB, but it will be hard.
Still fastest time to market dev environment, makes .NET a lot faster to work with too.
Very good RAPID development tool in general
I've worked with PB from version 3 to version 10 for about 18 years. IMHO I feel it was a great tool when client/server was the hot new thing. I've watched PB try to hang on to it's dominace when the movement to web began. It appears to me that Sybase didn't keep the level of inovation that Powersoft had. I don't know what was really going on in the boardrooms of Sybase but from my point of view, it appears they tried to ride the wave of PB popularity with limited or no continued investment. Kevin Hertz Developer City & County of Denver
.Net WinForms in PB 11 offers no advantages and has many dis-advantages, such as memory and installation footprint, contains unmanaged code, does not run in 64 bit mode, existing applications need major re-write to deploy as winform. If not improved, will stop using PB in (rel 12) timeframe
I have been using PowerBuilder since 1993. After using .NET on a few application recently I am having more problems continuing to develop in PowerBuilder due to reliability and limitation issues. We can just code in .NET and not have the problems when we deploy web services, web applications and such. Also the .NET IDE is amazing with the way it does autoscript. We have had reliability issues with using datawindow .NET in Visual Studio as well. (Locks up and requires a restart of Visual Studio.) Keep moving forward making PowerBuilder compatible with Visual Studio and reliable and we would love to continue using it. Our experience with Appeon was that is was half-baked and had so many issues that we don't recommend it anymore. We could have written the application in .NET and had it run 10 times more reliable.
Love the product. Hate the fact few places use it and I will probably have to move to a new platform or change fields.
Unfortunately, we are migrating all of our applications to asp .net / C#
With only two or three PB developers, our company has created numerous applications in a short period of time which end up benefiting several departments within the company. Our systems are robust, very maintainable, and are the envy of the other IT groups. PowerBuilder rocks when done by the right people with the proper experience.
PowerBuilder and Enterprise Application Server can be a formidable combination. Please continue to invest in both and make them the leading edge technology of choice.
We have a large application built using PB and EAF running on EAServer and an Oracle database. Please keep supporting / enhancing the web DataWindow!
Client server days are gone! Powersoft before sybase missed a HUGE oppty! This a lesson on simply giving up .... MARKET SHARE! BIG LESSON! I am glad I stuck with new technologies like Java, and .Net!!!
Still doing the job quite nicely! Our Appeon shell gives us what we need for Web Development.
People don't know what they are missing, if you see the time needed in other projects using Visual Studio. Powerbuilder is RAD !
I like the direction that PB is moving in but for our company the decision has already been made to hire to an outside consultant to re-write the application from the ground up in C#/ASP.NET This is unfortunate because PB is still the best tool for client/server development and it is danger of becoming just another 3rd party component of Visual Studio.
J'espre que PowerBuilder permettra rapidement de concevoir des applications riches et complexe pour le Web
J'espre que PowerBuilder permettra rapidement de concevoir des applications riches et complexe pour le Web
La suppression d'APPMODELER est inadmissible et nous force acheter un outils dont nous n'utilisons que 10%. La gestion du multi-langue devrait tre intgr PB (ENABLE)
Produits beaucoup trop chere
PB est un outil puissant, et apprci pour sa stabilit. Il est par contre assez limit au niveau des liens avec MS Word, et la dw ole assez peu efficace pour raliser des documents avec images, tableau, ... Nous avons recours au PDF mais c'est une lourde limitation que de ne pouvoir modifier le document une fois diter Idem pour les exports Excel qui ne prenne pas en compte la mise en page.
Manque d'exemples concrets sur les differentes possibilits un peu trop brut (demande beaucoup de connaissance pour utiliser PB) (principe de windev ou il y a beaucoup d'exemple d'utilisation)
En PB10, Les composants graphiques proposs ne sont pas d'une esthtique trs actuelle et n'ont quasiment pas volus depuis la version 6. Idem pour la datawindow. Ils manquent des tas d'objets graphiques, de widgets, de controles qui existent dans d'autres ateliers (Delphi par exemple). Quand on regarde une appli crite en PB10, on fait un saut de 5 ans en arrire au niveau de l'IHM. C'est trs peu vendeur auprs des clients qui attachent toujours plus d'importance l'esthtique (aux gadgets) qu'au fonctionnel. Il y a aussi beaucoup trop de bugs dans l'IDE qui PLANTE sans arrt. On s'habitue et on prend l'habitude de sauver aprs chaque ligne crite, mais malheureusement, cela donne UNE TRES MAUVAISE IMAGE auprs des dveloppeurs. Aprs 7 ans d'utilisation, je commence moi aussi, en m'en lasser srieusement, mme si je reconnais qu'il a des qualits qu'on a du mal a retrouver ailleurs (intgration avec la DB, rapidit, robustesse d'execution avec les PBD, modele objet, datawindow, etc).
En attente de la version 12 en esprant une profonde refonte de l'interface de l'outil et une intgration totale .Net.
Best .Net RAD development tool in my opinion and the DB connectivity is next to none!
The IDE is NOT user friendly... You should have a look at what Microsoft did with VisualStudio to see how efficient that Development tool is compared to the ever crashing PowerBuilder IDE... Source Control integration is just BAD in PB9... So many annoying flickers in the library tree control when you check-out/undo check-out of an object... Driving me crazy.
I dislike: PB crashing regularly Inability to edit an ancestor and a child object at the same time Long compile times Poor debugger
Au niveau de l'interface graphique, permettre d'obtenir la mme ergonomie (icnes, look, ..)que les versions de windows les plus rcentes (vista, ..)
Marketing as usual is weak and no new book commissioned for 11 and baove
I love the tool. One language to deploy to multiple platforms: Client/Server, Handhelds, and now the Web! It does almost everything we need it to do. I'm glad Sybase is now offering a path to .Net to leverage our current skill set. This is the core business application for our company so we are very vested in it's future.
PowerBuilder is the perfect product for our internal application development environment. Straigh-forward development environment. We use PowerBuilder to support bullet-proof mission-critical applications. No experimenting with new tools just for the sake that a new tools exists.
"PowerBuilder is a diamond sold like coal. Competitor products are coal, but they promise diamonds out of it - Suresh Thoduvail" I have worked for 10 years in PB from ver 4.00 to 10.5 & made money. here is my 2 cents back: 1. Commission books when you release new versions. 2. Provide documentation & support for new versions(for eg: for depoloying into Dot net web form, setpointer not supported in existing applications, then what do we use instead of this function. When you say not supported, then provide alternative).
As my company is planning to migrate to Visual Studi 2005 in order to use .Net technology, I would like to know what will happen to Powerbuilder if most of the companies intend to migrate to .Net and they want to stop using PB.
I would like to be able to use boolean searches in the PowerBuilder IDE library text search.
I hope PowerBuilder can be saved.
If Sybase actually used marketing for PB, it would be big again.
W ehave been using PB for a long time and still find it an excellent tool for development. We intend to keep using it and are pleased to see the future plan that Sybase has for the product.
I'm the last hope for continued PB development in my shop, but it seems to be a losing battle to the .NET developers who haven't ever learned PB and management who is afraid Sybase is legacy and going out of business. We have enough applications that PB will be around for awhile, but all new work (except mine) will be .NET, for better or worse (worse, I say).
The web services and .net integration in v9 promised by Sybase was virtually a fraud. When we found that out, we decided to move away from anything Sybase for good. Sybase Australia has proved difficult to work with and Sybase is, in our opinion, developer-unfriendly. We think Sybase's future (and PowerBuilder's) is not good.
We are having using the SOAP calls from PB10.2 to a generic web service. It seems PB does not put out standard SOAP xml which is causing a lot of problems in testing. It would be nice to have better documentation on SOAP and what code PB will actually generate in XML
No local support = no one uses any more (but this is about the 5th time I've said that.
Powerbuilder is close to dead, there are few new projects using it and few jobs advetised. I am a long-term Powerbuilder developer but I feel I need to move on to another language avoid my career dying too. Powerbuilder needs to move much more quickly to seamless .Net integration and enable website deployment otherwise there will soon be no developers and no projects left for anyone to care what happens next!
I rated PB 7/10 but it would be 9/10 if not for the instability and random crashes for no apparent reason.
Powerbuilder provides basically everything I need to develop an application for a desktop PC. We use version 9 but will be upgrading to the latest version soon. The web integration in version 9 is pretty shakey. We have waited for the latest version to upgrade to take advantage of the .Net integration. It appears that Sybase has decided to build atop of Microsoft technologies as opposed to reinventing the wheel. This is a great decision. I've looked at the marketing material for the next version and I hope when I get a chance to evaluate the latest PB version that it will meet my expectations. My next task is to build a website.
I design apps that are sold to consumers who expect a modern look and feel. 10.5 definitely is an improvement but PB desperately needs to be enhanced to allow for modern, slick, Vista style interfaces. As well, I use PB Desktop because that has all of the features I need. In PB 11 however the .NET features I'd like to use are all restricted to Enterprise. This is a big mistake from a marketting perspective. If I learn PB.NET in my own business, then I use it at client sites. Client sites will always need PB Enterprise. By including .NET in Desktop, people can learn it cheaply and see everything it can do, then convince clients to invest in Enterprise. More money for Sybase.
I am desperately looking at Sybase, India to market PB as much as possible in India and in particular, in Mumbai. I look forward to their assistance in approaching numerous IT companies in Mumbai and convince them in choosing PB as the preferred development platform in their upcoming projects. This way, ex-PB programmers can once again deep-dive in the newly found PB market of Mumbai.
Outil en perte de vitesse, il deviens de plus en plus difficile de recruter des personnes sur cette technologie
sur la version 11, il est possible de passer une application en winForm ou webForm. Cependant, la version en webForm a un design affreux. Je n'est pas reussi a installer du flash facilement, le postback est pour l'ensemble de la page et pas pour la Datawindow que l'on vient de retriv comme dans ajax
Nous sommes trs satisfait du produit. Il est performant, assez convivial et surtout trs stable (runtime). Le GUI aurait besoin d'une modernisation plus intensive, avec peut tre une ouverture vers le monde Web 2.0 et les diffrents outils du march. Compar ses concurrents comme "Visual ... " et Cie, pour PB il est souvent trs difficile ou impossible de trouver des infos techniques ou "How to do", ou bien les exemples sont trop simples et donc inadapts pour le monde rel. Actuellement, l'avenir et surtout la prnit de PB sont difficiles valuer, cela ne facilite pas les planifications long terme.
10 ans de mariage avec PB, c'est ce que nous appellons de la fidlit et nous croyons encore aux dix prochaines annes d'une union profitable.
Our large commercial application is written in PowerBuilder. We depend on it now and for the future!
Enhance the development environment, look at Microsoft .Net 2005: - their intellisense if FAR ahead of PB - The automated Camel Casing is the best, we don't have to care Uppercases/LowerCases - The script autoindent is better than PB. In brief, the .Net 2005 development is better than PB but PB is faster on development than .Net...the best would be to have the Power of PB in the .Net environment :) Enhance the Debugger, it's really painfull, crashes often, don't remember breakpoint changes, sometimes skip breakpoints...again, look at .Net 2005
PB is aging and not integrating as well as we would have liked with other technologies
Sybase roadmaps take FOREVER! They need to step on the GAS!
PB, while a good tool is near dead. I'm finding .net and visual studio to be a suitable replacement. If these was a good rad tool for php I'd be into that to.
More window dressing elements. Bombard the web with the How-to examples from Apps and .net side.
The datawindow is terrific, keep up the good work, but spend some time on working out the 'quirks' of the actual development environment. They are many and varied, and odds are you already are aware of them. I understand some of the irritants I am referring to have been resolved in PB11, however the small non-profit mental health center I work for does not have the budget to upgrade this year (we are currently at PB10.5). Thanks for a solid, productive product.
Question 1 would be more: between 2 - 5 years, but anything can change between now and then
PowerBuilder is a very robust development tool, and in a real sense a RAD tool. But due to its poor marketing strategies it has lost its charm, if the same was with Microsoft PB could have been the most used tool in the market, so sybase should start thinking positively to retain and gain existing and new customers.
we have been waitin for the version that supports .Net for 2 years now and we hope it would be avaliable soon
Improvement of PASP 1.0 and PB for Linux
Some ide changes can make the work much easier. For instance, right click on a function in the code should give a context menu with the option to jump to it. Another missing nice right-click option would be to format the script code (check eclipse context-menu to see some other nice ideas)
I wish you can do anything about making a RightToLeft CROSSTAB.
Learning tools are difficult to get and there are less powerbuilder books available in the market when compared to Ms development tools
le client serveur existe toujours dans notre socit. Il cote bien moins cher a dvelopper que les applications web . Si tout le monde est sur un rseau interne , le client-serveur suffit. Tous les excutables sont sur un serveur de fichier et nous n'avons pas besoin d'installer nos applications partout, contrairement ce que prtendre les commerciaux. Nous n'avons pas trouv de bug dans les produits PB 6.5 9
Please Please Please fix some bugs!! The developer studio should NEVER blow up! How about looking at the .Net studio and stealing some ideas. Like toolbars that slide away when your cursor is not positioned over them. That would allow more viewing space. Full regen of code should 'OPTIMIZE' as an option. Duh! And datawindows should recompile as well, meaning they should hit the database. We've changed fields in the database and had to physically touch the datawindow in order for the datawindow to reflex the change. WRONG! Also equally anoying is while editing a datawindow, and clicking the properties box to another tab, then clicking on another field in the datawindow, MAKES THE DATAWINDOW OBJECT MOVE TO A NEW LOCATION!! This issues still exists! Very minor league! I would scream at my development team for this bug that has lasted for ever, even in PB11. FOR THESE REASONS ALONE I KNOW PEOPLE ARE SWITCHING TO .NET, DUE TO AN UNSTABLE DEVELOPMENT STUDIO. CALL ME IF NEEDED. I CAN LOCATE A FEW DOZEN MORE IF NEEDED.
you have killed PB! Sybase is slowly dieing in a growing market... You do not even do reserches on a negative responses:)
1 - PB is more graphic and more astable and easy than any DB development tool in market sucah as oracle and ADO .net and Java as so on, and what will happen if PB compete Java and .net in more graphic and more bure object oriented code and good editor such as C# 2008 or netbeen6.1 i think that it will be the most tool will be used for world
I'll never chnage PowerBuilder I just want sybase to give more annoucement like microsoft and oracle ,specially in middle east
PB support from Sybase is expensive
Sybase SA suck. They don't market Powerbuilder and even speak out against it.
If it will be easy for the developer to develop web based applications in Powerbuilder then I think PowerBuilder future will be very bright. Also there should be video/other tutorials available on net like other programming languages and tools. PowerBuilder help especially for web development is very less available on internet. I have seen many CBTs for others and they really help a lot in learning that tool. So PowerBuilder should also provide such CBTs.
Powerbuilder is probably one of the most powerful tools out there when it comes to programming just a pity Sybase doesnt market it better and it is busy being replaced slowly but surely with other less powerful tools.
The test point will be if companies will decide to start a new projects with Power-Builder !
PB keeps involving in an impressive rate, but its foundations are just poor. The IDE constantly crashes, and provide a fraction of the functionality modern IDEs provide (when will we finally get a decent source browser, other than the great Visual Expert?). The debugger is horrible as well (when will they finally solve the ancient missing and reappearing debug breakpoints?). All and all, it seems like Sybase's strategy is being appealing to the decision makers, who get impressed by shiny stuff like WPF, rather than to the developers, who actually have to use the IDE.
There is no other object oriented programming tool available to develop database oriented application as user friendly like powerbuilder.I emphasis again that the weak in support and lack of campaign is one of the reason for the less users in asian countries.
I would like to see simple tools or build-in tools from PB to regenerate the old PB application and make it running as web application working under browser
A lower price will allow many more people to use and accept PB technology. Access to PB Developer Network will allow many more people to learn how to develop PB Apps in Africa
Depending on testing & experements over PowerBuilder version 8 & later, compared to other product like visual studio 2005 & later, we found that in the development of windows applications PB is dominating any competitor. PB needs to support web more effectively to be like ASP.net. It is very clear to us that Sybase lake of good advertisment. If PB was a product from Microsoft you will see it definitly the number 1 development tool.
In my country -Jordan- PowerBuilder use is going to vanish, there is no support for it, and no more developers you can find. in my opinion PowerBuilder is a very great development tool and I like it too much.
Still PB is the Best...please market it in proper way and find someway to attract new developers to PB.Wish you all the best
i work before oracle,vb, but win i work in PowerBuilder I fond my self with this language ,what I Need as Programmer I Can Do it ,But In The Other language Not easy to do for that I dont need To Change this language ,and the DataBase Very Easy To Use and The Speed of database in the network its faster.
Sybase brings alway the needed extentions when it's to late, because everybody did mak his workaround ... App Server PLuging should be developer license and in Standard package !!! NO two different IDE's for different targets !!!!!
As every year: Sybase please make life easier for companies which develop software with Sybase tools. Less and less customers know Sybase. They all say PowerBuilder is a dead approach. Marketing and marketing. Instead of to distrust your customers, please Sybase support them.
A more stable IDE and Debugger would be extremly nice
Thx for developping powerbuilder continously always regarding the important technologies (xml, .net, soap, etc.). We work with web services (ASP .NET). It works fine. We try to bring our powerbuilder software to .NET WinForm with PB11. But the results are not bugfree although no error message or unsupported feature message is shown. The .NET-version is much slower, this must be improved. Linux version would be highly appreciated. More and more people want Linux as front end.
Se necesitan desarrollar objetos mas bonitos visualmente, permitir tener varios estilos por ejemplo en botones y ventanas, o la creacion de un objeto panel o un objeto para los menus de la aplicacion. Evolucionar en la elegacia y sorpreder con el aspecto de las aplicaciones que el se pueden desarrollar a parte de seguir con un sistema robusto. Hay que ser mas detallistas con el aspecto por que es lo que se vende al cliente
Me gustara que se realizara un mayor despliegue de las nuevas funcionalidades de la herramienta en nuestro pas, foros o algo donde se presente mejor todo lo nuevo de Power Builder.
la migracin entre versiones no es perfecta y lleva mucho tiempo adaptar el cdigo a las nuevas versiones. Cuando ya hemos cambiado a otra versin ustedes sacan la siguiente y as siempre. Hasta la versin 11 powerbuilder va muy por detras de otras herramientas para desarrollos orientados a internet.
Van a sacar una versin de PB11 para windows 2000 como plataforma de desarrollo. Gracias
Poor graphical features, main users like to see a rich graphic interfase, I've working from PB 5.0 up to 10.2 user interfase is pretty much the same.
Quisiera que hubieran ejemplos en .net para poderlas aplicar en mi empresa
en nuestro pais El Salvador powerbuilder esta perdiendo mucho mercado ya que las tecnologias Java y .NET estas abarrotando el mercado, por que son menos costosas, para mi la herramienta de desarrollo en Powerbuilder es una de las mejores en el mercado, lo unico malo es que la empresa Sybase no toma encuenta a los Latino americanos en cuanto a proporcionar manuales e informacion en espaol, esa es otra de las desventajas de powerbuilder que no se encuentra mucha informacion para aprender a dominar las nuevas mejoras de la herramienta y si encontramos informacion solo existe en ingles, para mi sybase debe ya de velar por los desarrolladores de habla hispana y proporcionarnos la suficiente infromacion para seguir utilizando y aprendiendo esta herramienta.
Creo que PowerBuilder es la numero Uno en aplicaciones Cliente/Servidor. Sin embargo por experiencias en desarrollo de aplicaciones n-capas con Java/PowerBuilder sobre plataformas Unix-Linux no funciona. Seguramente por lo ineficiente del servidor EAServer o por los problemas de PBVM que nunca terminan de solucionarse. En fin hay un sin numero de buenos pretextos para ya dejar de lado PowerBuilder
Creo que es un error que se le haya llamado PowerBuilder al IDE. Para muchos profesionistas que utilizan o han utilizado la herramienta PowerBuilder es sinnimo del lenguaje de desarrollo, no del IDE. Para m utilizar PowerBuilder para desarrollo web es una contradiccin de terminos ya que PowerBuilder es un lenguaje de desarrollo propiamente cliente/servidor. De hecho, el DataWindow Object y el DataWindow Control, que fueron el motor que impuls PowerBuilder en la decada de los 90, han sido precsamente el obstculo para que PowerBuilder se pueda utilizar para desarrollar en web ya que la tecnologa (ASP, JSP) es distinta. Lo que deben hacer es llamar al IDE PowerStudio donde uno pueda desarrollar ya sea para la plataforma WinForm utilizando PowerBuilder/DataWindows o para la plataforma WebForm utilizando ASP.NET y PowerBuilder/DataWindows (en lugar de C#). Entonces tendran un xito en sus manos ya que si me dan a escoger entre programar en C# o programar en PowerBuilder prefiero PowerBuilder porque ya lo conozco y con las DataWindows es mucho ms eficiente para el acceso a las bases de datos. Mi calificacin de 7 es porque no siento que hayan mejorado PowerBuilder como Microsoft ha mejorado C# o Visual Basic, ni tampoco han mejorado el IDE de PowerBuilder como Microsoft ha mejorado Visual Studio.
Tuve muchos problemas con algunos resultados de Datawindows en la version 10.x pero al actualizar con el parche se solucionaron. Definitivamente el DW es una poderosa Herramienta, Me gustaria mas informacion sobre como poner mi aplicativo en la web sin muchos cambios. se que con .net.
los felicitos por las grandes mejoras que le han hecho a las versiones...
Sybase debe desarrollar una tecnologa propia en Webform y no aportar a la plataforma .NET
Yo soy desarrollador y estoy enamorado de la facilidad para la distribucion de mis aplicaciones nada de instaladores ni nada raro, y los pocos recurso que consume, corro clientes hasta en pentium 100Mhz con win 98 y 64 de ram. Bueno la data windows es un tema aparte la debe haber creado Dios mismo, estoy muy contento de haber conocido Power Builder no quiero desarrollar en ningun otro lenguaje.
Thanks for this survey Gracias por la encuesta y sigan asi!
Excelente herramienta para desarrollo de aplicaciones Cliente/Servidor... Para el desarrollo de aplicaciones Web se decidio utilizar tecnologa Java/J2EE basado en el IDE y utilitarios de Eclipse.
Falta mas difusion de la herramienta. Una buena opcion es lo que est haciendo Microsoft al dar cursos gratis online.
Deberia existir mas opciones para el Desarrollador, al menos en poder conseguir a costo mas bajo las nuevas versiones o si no es imposible cambiarse a PB11.
Lejos pero lejos! Power Builder es el mejor lenguaje para manejos de datos. LLevo casi 15 aos desarrollando con PB y me ha dado muchas satisfacciones. He desarrollado todo tipo de aplicaciones inclusive controlando hardware en tiempo real. OLVIDENSE DE .NET Es una basura lenta que consume demasiados recursos incluso el RunTime es PATETICO!
En lo personal llevo trabajando con Power Builder alrededor de 10 aos y encuentro que es la mejor plataforma grfica de programacin.
Integracion WEB 100%, Disminucion del Costo de la herramienta de desarrollo
Gracias por interesarse en hacer un seguimiento a usuarios y tecnologias pb con estas encuestas.
Powerbuilder es una herramienta muy poderosa, que facilita a los desarrolladores al momento de crear sistemas. Tener soporte para linux y la integracin con servicios web, sera aditivo bastante importante.
Hemos probado con PB 9 , 10. Utilizar datawindows - Richtext donde generalmente hay mal funcionamiento al generarlos no ha mejorado. ? Estros problemas se resuelven con el PB11 ?
No hay mayor experiencia y asesoria en herramientas para entorno Web.
As we have seen Powerbuilder goes straight ahead to .NET . I think this will be the point when we will change away from PB :-(( .
Deberia haber mayor difusion de la herramienta asi como mayor cantidad de centros de capcitacion competentes. Powerbuilder debe evolucionar al mismo ritmo que sus competidores para no quedarse atras.
Utilizamos PFC en nuestra aplicacion, hemos implementado el tema de seguridad, y la utilizacion de las clases que esta provee
power builder es muy bueno como C/S
eguimos investigando como migrar desde un DataWindows a Excell
Falta mayor soporte y facilidades para integrar aplicaciones al ambiente J2EE
Herramienta capaz de producir alto rendimiento y productividad en el desarrollo y mantencin de aplicaciones.
Actualmente estoy aprendiendo EAServer para integrar mis aplicaciones a la web, usando las datawindow de las PBL, pero necesito mas informacin, alguna ayuda sobre esto ?
El diseador de Datawindows deb mejorar dramaticamente para crear reportes complejos con mayor facilidad.
Too many crashs !!!
Es necesario una mayor difusion de la herramienta.
Un poco de Portabilidad a otros sistemas operativos como linux o solaris
Mejorar aplicaciones generadas a .Net a partir de PB. Actualmente su rendimiento es muy lento.
Power Builder es uno de los lenguajes que mas utilizo para mis aplicaciones, debido a que simplifica bastante los procesos en cuanto a validaciones. muchas gracias
Herramienta muy poderosa para el Desarrollo. Se perdi la interaccin con Power Designer.
aun no tengo amplia experiencia. sugeriria me enviaran link para documentarme un poco mas sobre este sistema de desarrollo
Es mi primer lenguaje dentro de mi desarrollo profesional.
Si tienen la solucion para exportar a Excell desde un DataWindows
Integration with source control (refreshing objects) need to be better and faster. I like more control HTML generation of datawindow/reports (need to use the same style sheet or tags option). Multi-threaded programming for some long running reports. Creating more sophisticated Install programs Tool for generating correct code fro Datawindow Modfiy/describe Better marketing of this tool(reduce prize) so that it is more affordable to all Port it Linux Create some more demo and learning tutorial for newbies.
PowerBuilder esta AGONIZANDO !!!!!! se dejo poner la "pata" de .Net pero lejos !!!!!! NO es comercial ... que pesar porque es un gran producto ... pero Sybase se "durmio en el veneno"
Mas libros o tuturiales sobre el uso de este lenguaje ,,, utilizando las ultimas tecnologia.
PowerBuilder es bueno para el desarrollo de software, pero creo que falta dar mas informacion por parte de los creadores de PowerBuilder sobre como manejar las API's. Hay muy poca informacion sobre este tema y la que existe, esta en ingles, deberian mostrarla en Castellano. Un abrazo.
Me guataria que le den mas fuerza al tema del Pocket Builder
Que por favor integren el PB pa Linux
Es necesario que power builder pueda correr sobre linux, porque cada vez esta llegando con ms fuerza el software libre, las corporaciones exigen que se desarrolle sobre software libre.
Estuve mucho tiempo en Microsoft hasta q conoc Power Builder ahora soy un desarrollador adicto a esta herramienta
PowerBUilder sigue siendo una muy buena herramienta de desarrollo , pero tiene que mejorar para mantener su segmento de mercado.
En mi trabajo actuasl no lo utilizan pero en particular sigo desarrollando como consuultor o asesor a pequeas y medianas empresas. Ademas de hacer aplicaciones personales. Quisiera sdaber si me pueden enviar la ultima version de powerbuilder y de power designer de ser posible remitirla a: Calle Urdaneta Casa #28 Cumana Estado Sucre Venezuela
Deseamos codigos o ejemplos mas abertos para los usuarios
probablemente migracin de las aplicaciones powerbuilder hacia Java en unos 2 aos. (por desgracia).
If pb coded software can be used both in web and client server without major changes it is the best. There is no proper marketing statages for PB. So new porogrammers in PB is less as well as PB developers availibity is less. PB support as well as training is to be provided properly
Eventhough pb is having lot may functionalities and new features, Nothing been revealed to the companies/developers. May do something to reach to everybody easily and there is no proper materials also. It would be good by taking necessary steps to give publicity or awareness about existing & new features.
Debera haber ms funciones integradas en Powerbuilder, para no tener que utilizar funciones externas que llaman a dlls de win32, como por ejemplo comunicaciones por puertos serie, VPN,...
Some Problems developing Webform Application with PB 11.2
Experiencing a lot of problems with this transition stage because more and ore ActiveX is available as .NET only and presently can't be integrated.
Powerbuilder is now only used for legacy applications (admittedly the bulk of our business). We cannot wait for Powerbuilder to catch up with .NET 3.5
We would love to develop .net applications for web forms using PB, but the lack of browser support drives us away.
I think once PB is fully .NET compliant it will see a resurgence in use because development is so much faster in PB than in Java or other current fashionable technologies
still crashes quite a bit, but being a user with 13 years of pb you come to expect that. also the debugger is still quite unstable.
The Datawindow is still perfect, the language itself is quite allright. However PB tends to crash a lot and being more of a C++/C# programmer I like more control over the editing environment, for instance seeing the procedure definitions themselves instead of having to go into edit source to see them
I am now using PB6.5. I will soon test 11.2 to check if the databaseproblems etc. that I have encountered with PB10 is solved. If not, I will go back to PB6.5 (the last stable version). I hope that PB11 will generate proper PDF documents (reports).
Excellent RAD tool easy data repository access. But stability is still an issue and I am still missing some object oriented features e.g. overload of the contstructure function e.c.t
Looking forward for the full .NET migration in version 12 - if this fails, we will stop using PowerBuilder.
Several years there are rumours about migrating from PowerBuilder to a pure .Net-architecture, but as long as .net-database-applications are less maintainable there is a good argument for continuing with PowerBuilder.
Its a waste of space - Sybase should sell it to sombody who is willing to invest in it or kill it off completely - it would be a more humane way to treat it!
Please continue development of this powerful tool!
Sadly, our current plan is to be 100% off of PowerBuilder and converted to .NET within the next two years. .NET resources are plentiful, PowerBuilder resources are becoming more and more scarce.
Since we are almost exclusively using PB it is increasingly difficult to communicate with other (external) applications since they ask for XML, webservices etc. We don't have that knowledge (would be nice is the PB doc includes an overvieuw of the required knowledge to take advantage of these new features) and objects/functions to support in this program to program communication. As alway it is extremely difficult to find new staff (perminent and temporary) with the required PB knowledge.
I think it would be very useful if you put in the results a graph with the number of people that had taken the survey every year. It would be a good indicator, along as the results already provided. Thanks.
I still don't understand why Sybase have left such a good tool as PowerBuilder go down the drain. Is their common policy?
My only conern is for the longeivity of our (client/server) product - a suite of applications with a look and feel of the 12 years of age they are. XP-style controls and freeware/3rd party menu interfaces (from codeexchange) help to improve appearance but ultimately we will lose out against competitors with more contemporary looking software.
Creo que es una Heramienta de Facil programacion para los desarrolladores de software y esperemos q
Is very import for us to have in PB the LINUX support
Powerbuilder is still a great dev tool. I wouldn't change it for the world ! I hope Sybase will stay around and continues with Powerbuilder... John
Don't get fancy! Improve on what PowerBuilder is strong and reliable. In other Words: todays best COmmon Business Oriented Language
Please give the source of PB to me. I want to developt it. What are you doing sybase?. Do you waiting the date of the die of Powerbuilder. We will never use web futures of Pb. It is client server developing tool. It is best tool. You forgetted this. You spend the time.
PowerBuilder .Net should be delivered immediately.
Para mi power Builder esta sobrado, el detalle es que las empresas buscan desarrollos en .Net esto por ser Microsoft, al menos esoes lo que ocurre en mi pais, las empresas desarrolladoras se enfocan mas en el respaldo de Microsoft.
PB needs to be completely .NET based, there should be new charts which are really pathetic. Database applications that retrieve images from the database, paging is really needed. There is no beautification element, eventhough it is there, it is very difficult to do it, CSS implementation is also tough. There should be lot of benefits to the developer to use it, Only the developers will take the product to a greater height and they will act as word of mouth.
PB es lo mximo.
bugs resolutions is getting really important
Buen paquete de desarrollo
I develop applications using .Net, VB6, C++, C#, Pascal, ..., I see that PowerBuilder is the best but SYBASE is the Worst in marketing and actualy this is the main Defect in PowerBuilder.
I am currently migrating a PB10.5 application to PB11 WebForm. PB11 is an amazing product. I have issues with PFC dropdown calender, DDDw's. Also want to be able to call server side javascript whenever I want. Despite these issues, fantasic first shot at .Net implementation...please keep it up. I have 3 years experience with Visual Studio .Net and PB11 is far superior in terms of productivity.
Powerbuilder is definitely a superior development tools for quick and efficient application development. Too bad the industry is shifting towards technology that requires a lot more development time without much gain for the end user.
Debera ser una plataforma que se integre fcilmente con IIS y todo el entorno web de forma ms natural, aunque soy un admirador de powerbuilder hay que reconocer que en el entorno web estn retrazados respecto a .net, y adems en Ecuador han perdido el mercado empresarial que hace un par de aos era dominado por Powerbuilder, incluso en las universidades ya no se lo ensea y por tanto cada vez es ms dificil conseguir egresados o ingenieros que sepan el lenguaje. Saludos Marlon Tulcn 095861621
too focused on microsoft market... desperately need support for other OS
La forma en la que se desarrollan las aplicaciones son muy rpidas y cmodas pero hay veces que los errores que nos dan en los que se pierden datos son muy frecuentes y llegan a desesperar. Hemos probado a trabajar sin antivirus y solo con el PowerBuilder en memeoria (adems del Windows) y no soluciona nada. Espero que en prximas releases esto mejore
Still have to find a more performant development tool
PB is best tool for building robust client/server application with thousands objects. We can make all, what end users need :-)
There's lots of functionalities that should be native not done by external services. Please speed up with PB12. We're all waiting for IDE,DW Graph,.Net integration improvements.
Biggest issue is that Sybase did not market it for so long. Now there are virtually no resources avaiable that will work using this language. It is either .Net or Java. We even have problems getting resources offshore to work in this language.
I am enjoying woking with PB! I think DW technology still has no equivalent. Some work has to be done for improving application & IDE stability, multithreading (including easier usage of asynchronous DW retrieval and asynchronous WEB download) of pure GUI applications (not .NET ones), graphics processing functionality, maybe embedded support (wrapper) of MS Crypto API functions. Wish you all the best! Thanks!
The Company should keep the flag flying.
PB should become .NET
Falta considerar en lo q es herencia
Powerbuilder is very friendly to use! There are some serious errors in PB that aren't repaired in EBFs.
El tiempo de desarrollo es rapido con PowerBuilder, el inconveniente es en web: problemas de seguridad, servidor de aplicaciones entre otros
I like powerbuilder, I agreed to purchase the latest version but do not agree with the new licensing method.
Personalmente pienso que Power Builder es una de la herramientas mas versatiles para el desarrollo de sistemas, provee una facilidades para cualquier desarrollador.
Lo nico que estoy esperando es que sybase libere un plugin de datawindow para desarrollo web que se pueda desplegar en un tomcat, whesphere, jboss sin depender de EASERVER...ALGO PARECIDO A LA DATAWINDOW.NET PARA MICROSOFT. PARA EL CASO DEL PB11, SOLO SE CONCENTRARON EN MICROSOSFT NO PENSARON EN LOS OPENSOURCE DE JAVA.
Urge un compilador para Linux. Mejorar CrossTab. Tener reporteador nativo, fcil de usar por los usuarios finales.
Please dont' take my comments to reflect Cisco overall. I used to be in the IT dept, and have moved to Product Management. I continue to use PB to prototype our applications.
1. GUI interface that one can develop using PB and its native controls is still very poor, non modern and actaully not useful. (I know, there is a chance to use PB native interface...) 2. Automatic pop-up for autocomplete when writing scripts is very poor and slow (but better than in earlier versions)
We have a number of large software applications that are written in PowerBuilder and, for obvious reasons, we have no intention of ever changing them to anything else. I'm glad to see that Sybase hasn't dropped it's commitment to PB and I hope they keep it "alive" for many more years to come. Who knows, with a little effort in the advertising/marketing process, PB may (someday) gain some "traction" on Visual Basic...
The install packages could be better.
muy buena herramienta, pero todos los nuevos desarrollos los estamos haciendo en java
Es una excelente herramienta de desarrollo, creo que le faltaria mas intregracion en aplicaciones internet
Hasta la fecha hemos utilizado Power Builder en ambiente cliente-servidor. Evaluaremos nuestra futura herramienta de desarrollo en la Web. En ese sentido sera interesante recibir informacin.
These stats come from my client where I am working as a consultant.
Personalmente pienso que se cometio un error al integrar tan nativamente el soporte de .NET. Realmente son recio a utilizar cualquier entorno de desarrollo de Microsoft. Deberian apostar por hacer PowerBuilder 100% multiplataforma!!!!! Y no casarlo con Windows!
I Enjoy to develop application with Power Builder! Thank You!
Integration with Microsoft products decreases stability of PB. The more integration, the less power of DataWindow and the PB itself. Programing becames boring. I'm trying to use old good pure PB but it's much more difficult than in the past. My opinion about PB itself is still 10/10, but present release 8/10 and is falling down. I'm very sad about it. There is a bright side too. Don't worry Sybase. Use your own technology and everything will be OK. ;-)))
Me parece una herramienta espectacualar, pero la version orientada a la WEB viene con muchas restricciones en cuanto a su instalacion y uso, asi mucha desarrolladores intentaran cambiar a otras herramientas .net, asi seria bueno tratar de liberar, sabemos que existen software libre o sin tanta restriccion a la que se pueda cambiar.
es una herramienta regular para desarrollo.
- The resulting application should look modern without any 3rd party tools/utilities - Easy www-development/implementation (N.B. new to this)
Actualmente trabajamos para HSBC Mexico, y creo que unicamente por cuestiones comerciales (no tecnologicas), HSBC toma la decision de descontinuar el uso de PowerBuilder para desarrollo de aplicaciones departamentales locales (5 - 30 usuarios), y pide la migracion de aplicaciones existentes en PB a Visual Studio 2005 de Microsoft, lo cual es una verdadera lstima...! Hoy ya domino VB.Net y no encuentro nada que haga VB.Net que PB no pueda hacer, mucho mejor y mas rpido. Insisto... que pena!
vivo enamorado de power builder es lo maximo
We are deploying our Client Server PB apps across Canada using CITRIX. The web group is attempting to use PB 11, but so far they are not happy with the results.
Que arreglen el rich con dw!!!!!, que se pueda mezclar dw normales con dw rich
Todo cuanto sirva para mejorar la herramienta y puedar terminar con mitos de .NET ya sea ASP.Net o aplicaciones Windows es muy valiosa, por favor sigan adelante y no permitan que se muera esta gran Herramienta Edgar Ecuador
Very Good
Deberia ser mas fcil colocar anuncios en la ventana frame, hasta el momento esto no es natural
Bueno, ya que me gusta trabajar sobre esta plataforma espero que la tendencia siga creciendo y renovndose. Gracias.. Saludos...!!!
debemos migrar para aplicaciones web, con desarrollo software libre...
El easerver es muy costoso y debera ser gratia como el IIS de Microsoft.
Sybase se ha dormido en sus laureles con el Power Builder, mucho se ha demorado en hacer los cambio orientados a aplicaciones distribuidas, el EaServer como solucion no era optimo, recien se esta pudiendo usar el IIS, en la empresa estamos migrando al Net 2008
Cursos de actualizacion, ademas de mas informacion de usar la herramienta. Muchos mas foros.
Contento con el Lenguaje de Programacion
Yo uso PB desde la Versin 3.0 y tristemente, veo como cada da menos empresas en mi pas quieren el producto, esto debido al elevado costo que tiene el mismo ms el costo de aprendizaje, powerBuilder sigue siendo en mi opninin, un producto excelente en cuanto al manejo de DATA se refiere, pero le falta mucho en la parte grafica, la falta de aplicativos de terceros,etc... Por ejemplo la facilidad con que los productos infragistics se asocian a Visual Studio .net permitiendo crear interfaces grficas mucho ms enriquecidas. Lamentablemente mi percepcin es que Sybase est aniquilando el producto con su pesima estrategia de mercadeo y los que hemos desarrollado una especializacin con powerbuilder ahora nos encontramos en la PICOTA ya que, no se solicitan nuestros servicios para proyectos en PB, ms an se solicitan programadores JAVA para llevar las aplicaciones hechas en PB a JAVA, OUUUCHHHH. Sds.
Desarrollar power builder para linux y sus distribuciones
Power Builder es lo maximo
Al parecer .NET est ganando mercado ante Power Builder deberan estudiar ustedes por que puede ser, tal vez publicidad es una ...... Saludos
Deberian mejorar el manejo de los tipos de datos graficos de una base de datos para poder mostrarlos en los datawindows, los crosstab deben ser mas flexibles frente a cambios.
Senores de PWB el unico inconveniente es al utilizarlo con windows vista favor si existe alguna actualizacion URGENTE para powerbuilder v10 favor notificarme a la direccion system@everfit.net, ya q' todos los equipos nuevos estan llegando con WVista y se necesita una actualizacion del mismo con URGENCIA. Favor relacionarse con Microsoft.
* que sea orientado mas a web. talvez algun modulo. * que pueda trabajar en cualquier sistema operativo.
No dejara nunca a PowerBuilder
Proporcionar mayor informacin via web sobre lo ltimo de power builder, como manuales, etc..Como haria para integrar usuarios desarrolladores en Power Builder. Esperamos su respuesta. Atte. Jose Luis Ortega Rodriguez
Falta ayuda con los errores comunes, conexiones con base de datos, reportes a hojas de calculo
Power Builder es una excelente herramienta para desarrollo. Y en cada nueva versin nos ofrece una fabulosa gama de funciones que hacen ms amigable nuestro trabajo como desarrolladores.
Mejorar las opciones graficas.
A pesar de ser una excelente herramientas, no se difunde sus beneficios en .Net
con mucha pena debo decir que es una plataforma que dejada de lado....talvez por la falta de marketing, aun habiendo demostrado ser muy buena plataforma en muchos aspectos.
El PowerBuilder 11, deberia tener alguna opcion de licenciamiento que sea masivo y llegue a mas desarrolladores. Conosco profesionales desarrolladores en PB, muy buenos, que estan dejando o planeando en cambiar de herramienta de desarrollo en las empresas donde laboran, porque licenciarce al 100% actualmente a las empresas les resulta caro. Y esta situacion en realidad me apena mucho. No trato de promover la pirateria ni mucho menos, si no que SYBASE deberia disear un medio de licenciamiento que sean validos por regiones por ejemplo, haciendo que la herramienta penetre aun mas el mercado.
Es Una herramienta muy poderosa, deberia tener en cuenta que si trabajo con una version superior y quiero guardar mi aplicacion me de la opcion de seleccionar compatible con una version anterior. X ejemplo: si trabajo con V.11 al guardar sea compatible con v10.5
Podrian hacer un compilado de las funciones mas importantes, ya que los manuales son muy extensos y un poco complicados. La ayuda que viene con el software deberia ser mas didactica en el sentido deberia tener mas ejemplos o al menor tener unos cd de mas ejemplos practicos. Los controles deberias contar con asistentes tipo DW, gracias
A mi punto de vista PowerBuilder esta quedandose muy de lado con respecto a .Net y Java, etc, cosa que como persona que siempre us productos Sybase me preocupa mucho... es por eso que decid hacer un cambio en mi vida profesional hacia la Consultora SAP que tiene mucho futuro por delante, es lamentable pues Sybase me parece muy bien, pero el mercado es el que manda. Deberan hacer algo para revertir esta situacin. Hablo bsicamente del Mercado Peruano (soy peruano trabaj all por 8 aos) y el Mercado Espaol (Trabaj con Power Builder unos meses en Barcelona y las empresas tienden a migrar
Como respond en la pregunta anterior, es muy bueno el lenguaje, es rpido para generar ventanas y poder construir una aplicacin en poco tiempo. Pero si he tenido problemas cuando trabajo con informix, pues no puedo generar un "DW" a partir de un procedimiento almacenado, por lo tanto estoy un poco limitada para utilizar esa opcin como yo quisiera, y no he descubierto cual es la razn, me gustara si alguien pudiera ayudarme en ese sentido.
El Power Builder es solvente y robusto, rpido en el desarrollo de aplicaciones basadas especialmente con bases de datos, espero mejore su plataforma para el desarrollo de aplicaciones ms analticas
Power Builder es una exelente y rapida herramienta de desarrollo. El Datawindow es una invencion magistral. tal vez .NET sea bueno e intente igualar la funcionalidad de PB, pero esta es invatible para el manejo de datos... larga vida a PB
Necesitamos capacitacion on line, en mi caso yo estoy fuera de la capital y es dificil asistir a entrenamientos medianos o largos fuera de esta provincia.
WebDW support for cross browser syntax (Mozilla) will be great help
I still am amazed by the datawindow capabilities after 10 years of developing with it. Long life to powerbuilder and the datawindow. Guy
Es un excelente software, solo que falta conocerlo muy bien para sacarle la efectividad. Muchas Gracias por su atencin prestada
por favor mejoren los graficos que es un punto muy debil y dar manuales especificos de como y donde deben de ubicarse los codigos para usar correctamente los pfc's
Producto Costoso, vamos a llevar todas nuestras aplicaciones PB a JAVA y .NET MEDITEN lo que estn haciendo
no existen manuales en espaol o castellano, tampoco existe un buen blog o foro para el desarrollo o aprendizaje de power builder, bueno al menos no lo conosco ?
PowerBuilder como herramienta es muy buena, y sobre todo con el concepto de tecnologa abierta se va integrando y trabajando en conjunto con las herramientas existentes en el mercado, dndote el dinamismo y flexibilidad que hoy en da las empresas necesitan en sus aplicativos.
Not sure how much Sybase Inc. will listen to this.. but please put effort in the marketing of Powerbuilder especially outside USA. Do something fast to attract more usage of PB, probably in the Education and Government sector. If PB do well.. I will definitely gain from it. Popularity wise and money wise. Otherwise... bye bye PB, my love!!
a).- Al renombrar un campo de una tabla, toda la aplicacion deberia renombrar el campo o variables relacionadas. b).-que incluyera un presentador de reportes (Datawindows) que permita agregar Datawindows a la base de datos(blob), leelos, cargarlos, presentar datos, que tenga menu para exportacion en diferentes formatos, y un controlador de versiones de los reportes. c).- Diagramacion integracion y relacional.
1. Your question 12 has a spelling error: Developer has one "p", not two. 2. One complaint I have with PB 9 is a GDI resources leak - happens consistently when Picture Button controls are used. Leaks about 3 resources with every Picture Button instantiated. Since I use a lot of them, for presentation of ICON selection, it very rapidly runs out and crashes (when the GDI reosurce count hits about 6000). (Win 2K Pro development environment) 3. Another concern is a lack of low level utility functions, (bit level). For example, there is no ability to do an XOR function, that I am aware of, except by direct manipulation of exponents of 2. I have mentioned this on previous surveys. 4. It appears to me that the provision now for some kind of Install Builder is worse than it was back in version 5.0! I would like to see a PB native App packager or install program, such that third party installers are not necessary. 5. Help File builder. It would be nice if PB could supply its own Help File compiler, either for Windows or for HTML or both. 6. Look and feel options are not really keeping up with the times, unless these have been improved in version 10 and 11, and it is me who is not keeping up with the times. 7. Rich Text Format control: has had a bug regarding margins control since verison 5 and it has never been fixed. (Sybase blames MS and MS says its not their problem.) In any case the margin settings cannot be managed by code, and they fail to save correctly at run time when set by the user. 8. A set of "Sybase approved" or supported, third party OCX/ActiveX controls would be extremely helpful. How about opening a website in which third party developers can register their products and provide support for PB developer wishing to user their controls. There might also be a relatively small set of core controls that PB could recommend or endorse for doing some important basic extensions of functionality such as: a) a Word Processing control b) a Spreadsheet control (I am using one called Formula One that is no longer available, but I have made substantial application feature developments with this control, integrating it with PB datawindows and retrieval and update functionality. ) c) an eMail control, for quick and easy eMail enabling of a PB app d) an HTML editor control, giving the user the ability to compose simple HTML material such as Help Files, etc. ( I have purchased such a control and am finding it helpful) e) a MAP control f) a drawing/charting control g) a Spell checking control h) a Bar Code reader/writer control The whole point of setting up such a website would be to encourage OCX/Active developers to see the PowerBuilder community as a good place to seek new customers. Bill Chestnut Codesmith Inc Calgary Alberta billchestnut@canada.com
Me parece muy Interesante pero seria mejor aun si se integra con otros lenguajes de programacion y tambien para Unix...
Good luck...
bueno soy un programador de 3 aos ya probe primero con visual basic, pero cuando conoci PB 9.0, me hizo un poco mas entendible la programacion orientda a objetos.. cabe sealar que a este software lo voy debiendo mucho mucho y estoy muy agradecido... les pido que en cada actualizacion lo hagan un poco menos vulnerable a los errores de compilacion y evite cerrar el diseo de la aplicacion asi drepente. muy agradecido de haber participado
I hope that more powerbuilder issued a number of technical books (compared professional), in China and more advertising and publicity, China's big market and many users; I will always support powerbuilder.
For window development: 9 out of 10 For Web Development: 2 out of 10
More improve on processing speed
I wish the powerbuilder to have the following features to be included: a) Enviornment Identification & Supporting functions b) Using IIS as additional web server c) Support for Windows messaging services
We are waiting Linux-ready Powerbuilder. Nowadays Linux's market keep growing and we have to be ready to build the application using Powerbuilder for Linux. The datawindow/datastore is Platinum-key of Powerbuilder on developing database connected application.
I love to work in powerbuilder
In powerbuilder latest version should concentrated on distrubuted powerbuilder.
Es una lastima que Banamex, solo ocupe PowerBuilder en el mantenimiento de las aplicaciones ya existentes y no la contemple para los desarrollos nuevo, se esta trabajando con java y dot.net y como base de Datos ORACLE, en lo personal como consultor no veo el sentido de estos cambios, ya que la suite de desarrollo de Oracle para mi es una soluci?n completa.
Excelente como reporteador. Se pueda mostrar la infromacin de multiples formas , gracias a sus datawindows. LAs deficiencias...que en ocasiones se corrompen los objetos, al extremo que ni regenerandolos funcionan.
I need to migrate my existing apps to Web seemlessly
Powerbuilder is a very excellent tool. I feel its poor only from the GUI side.. Any future changes to make the PB applications have more rich GUI look and feel is what i am expecting..
Sybase has to concentrate on selling the PB, Also make the customers to use PB for new developments
will be able to give our feed back once the pb version is upgraded to 11.x
Poor marketing of SYBASE, because that we hardly any development project. And company are scraping PB projects going for DOT net etc. My view SYBASE sholud to something so that it can compete with MICROSOFT tools or other tool. It is happening becuase in industry people are not aware of what PB can do?
Great tool. Need portability to linux and more people will use it in africa.
Creemos por experiencia propia que, PowerBuilder es una herramienta excepcional, para nosotros la mejor hasta el momento, ya que cubre todas nuestras espectativas.Dado un proyecto nuevo que tenemos, nos gustaria que las versiones posteriores de PowerBuilder tengan un soporte mas avanzado y facil de utilizar en cuestion de mejoras de los objetos grficos windows y por que no tambien Linux, implementando la utilizacion de objetos multimedia y de animaciones de ventanas por ejemplo pudiendo configurar dicha opcion desde la barra de herramientas o propiedades por ejemplo.Estaremos esperando noticias nuevas y desde aqui un saludo cordial.
Me parece que la herramienta no se ha quedado atras, pero creo que deberian difundir un poco ms el proceso de migracin de aplciaciones de escritorio a web utilizando Power Builder, de igual manera difundir el Pocket sera de gran utilidad o por lo meno contar con herramientas free para difundirlo y dar lo a conocer.
would like more frequent news about powerbuilder along with magazines and newsletters.
para mi los DW son los nejores objectos y crosstab hace lo que puede ps me gustaria que lo mejoraran mas.
Tener como retroalimentacion ms seguida, sobre sus nuevos avances, y probabilidades de interactuar con los diferentes sistemas operativos, VMS. LINUX. UNIX, ORACLE, LINUX, PL/SQL, SHELL DE UNIX. Procedimientos que se ejecuten en Unix, disparados por el ambiente Powe Builder, Gracias.
He venido utilizando power builder muchos aos, y es unos de los lenguajes mas rapidos para desarrollar, pero me gustaria que se puediera programar en capaz asi como .net.
Es una lenguaje regular
Me gustara la integracin de Power Builder con herramientas Web y con soporte a lenguajes de codigo libre
Powerbuilder is proves best in every field but all new projects afraid to take PB as the tool since they think its old and less resources available for this. In such condition what will the future of Powerbuilder and Powerbuilder related jobs ?
Best RAD Tool in market!!1
muy importante q se haga este tipo de consultas
I hope you can standardize most of the common utility objects in PFC and and integrate in in Powerbuilder. Just like in .Net or Java, for example, a String have many nice functions already builtin the String class without having to use other classes, in PB you'd have a messy n_cst_string which you have to declare that takes up another line of code and more characters when calling the function. Ex: in PB, n_cst_string ln_str ln_str.of_decomposetoarray("Some String", ",", ...) in Java/.Net "Some String".split(","...); I guess a more OOP way. to save some typing and a more cleaner code.
We'll wait improvement converting pb to java
Existing application should be made to run directly in portal/web. this will make PB more successful. There should be change only in compilation or setting.
Es la mejor herramienta del mercado, rapida , sin escritura de mucho codigo, se requiere mas promocion de la herramienta en las universidades, colegios para que amplie el numero de programadores en el mundo
we don't use PB11 because of licening model. Condition compile (ifdef... like C++) is really needed. Multilingual support is realy needed (datawindow, composite fields in datawindows).
Sencillamente una herramienta genial
We are interesting in acquire pb 11 to develope application distribuited, Can i talk with somebody in mexico to take a decision wich tool acquire. my cel phone (871) 2-11-72-88
PB Rocks!
Sinceramente, no es bueno depender del .NET en aplicaciones web, ya que Java tiene mucho mejor soporte y el mismo tiempo que va trabajando, que se de mayor enfasis en aplicaciones web con Java
Although the product is very good, it lacks support in terms of marketing and promotions. I think giving training to upcoming developers, student community and special marketing schemes for new application areas could help improve the product positioning in the long run.
I think powerbuilder should can generate to php syntax too and don't just support .NET cause .NET platform is too slow
presenta entornos muy flexibles
Datawindow is awesome. GUI components is poor and ugly. Pcode is slow.
PowerBuilder is a great RAD tool for client/server environment. Now PB should shift its focus to web applications and web 2.0
1. The IDE is unduly confining. I don't think it actually serves a purpose, and it prevents using so many standard tools (like, for instance, subversion, and all the other tools that process text). 2. The DW was great in 1995, but it's fallen way behind. It still does not have decent debugging or compile-time checking!
A very productive tool to develop database based applications!
Me gustaria conocer sitios donde se pueda realizar consultas para las nuevas versiones de PB. Pues son pocos los lugares para cuando deseo averiguar la solucion de algun problema.
Gracias por la encuesta
Seria excelente que el producto PowerBuilder se integrara a niveles de pequeos grupos de desarrolladores y tambien en escuelas, universidades, etc. Miro que a nivel de marketing aun estan a aos luz de otros productos inferiores. Me encanta PowerBuilder!
wish powerbuilder is a unbeatable, indispensable tool for development.
wish powerbuilder is a unbeatable, indispensable tool for development.
Please improve the marketing & adveriesment of PowerBuilder. Then it cann be much popular.
Es la mejora herramienta que he usado para desarrollo de software
Good Software
1. recomendaria que en PB se incluya un buscador de objetos POR NOMBRE, ya que cuandola aplicacion contiene demasiadas librerias y objetos es tedioso tener que recordar en que libreria se encuentra guardado un determinado objeto. 2. Recomiendo que cuando sea guardado un objeto el PB no lo permita, si en la aplicacion ya existiera otro objeto con el mismo nombre, debido a que esto genera una ambiguedad al compilador del PB
PB is a good tool but support is not upto mark.
IDE Stability and Performance is our biggest negative. Needing to use PowerGen to build without crashing is also negative.
En la empresa donde trabajo se realizo la compra de un sistema Dabez para manejo de produccion y me interesa mucho conocer sobre el desarrollo sobre Power Builder.. Ya que pienso que es una muy buena plataforma de desarrollo
Hi, I believe PB is a good product, is to costly for new developer to start up with PB. Why not try like Oracle, give full support to new developer to explore their biz idea via PB. TQ
no comments
Tengo q aceptarlo PB es lo Mejor para desarrollo en BD
informacion minima en la web (para las personas que se inician), deberian brindar un boletin de novedades e inforamcion de las ultimas versiones y mas enfasis en las ventajas de la ultima version 11.2. Pero power builder tiene para rato.
Que presenten su ayuda en espaol
Keep on improving the best Rad ever.
As a PB developer for almost 7 year, I can't see any future on PB. I dont see any new deveolpment project happening. There is only maintanance/support project are happening currently. I really love to work on a new PB development project.
Several times our company has declared "no new applications will be built using PB" and 5-years later we are still building new applications where PB is used to create the interface. Why? We've found nothing else with the richness and integration power of PB. We are currently looking at migrating from PB 8.0.3 to PB 10.5. I manage a development team of 3 PB developers and we have projects planned for the next 3 years running.
Developers generally support PB and have a wealth of PB knowledge but management views PB development as increasingly risky. Our long range strategy will be toward C# and .Net. Sad to say that new projects will not be using PB although after 15 years of PB development we will continue to have many years of PB maintenance.
Las aplicaciones son muy seguras y mucho mas estables
Very useful Client/Server Tool, But lacks latest features avalible in C#/Java for internet and multi tier applications.
Better marketing of the product and keeping the developer community involved by organizing more seminars, code camps of the latest of powerbuilder coming out.
PowerBuilder promotion and exposure in Australia is poor. In the 1990's there was a thriving PB community. Now it is hard to get PB developers and most PB applications are viewed by large companies as legacy applications.
Powerbuilder is still the fastest way to make non web applications.
no sybase education in india
More examples of new features usage are needed
Se puede generar con PB11 un website con toda la apariencia web en las aplicaciones como si lo hicieramos con Dreamwever (apariencia web, botones, barra de botones, weblinks, fondos, animacion, etc, algo como www.terra.es)
Improve GUI design/properties. Improve memory handling for Application/DW.
Powerbuilder una excelente herramienta de desarrollo
Power builder is very powerfull tools
PB beats any other language and any other IDE hands down. It is unfortunate that Sybase cannot get that word out to the developer community very well. It is unfortunate that Microsoft's marketing dollars is much bigger - that is the ONLY reason why visual studio outsells PB.
Though the product is good and easy to develop enterprise applications.
if I could deploy powerbuilder applications to web, I think powerbuilder is the best development tool
You are sending this survey around the world, and yet in Q6 you misspelt "Sybase ASE" (as well as "developer" in Q12)! What does this say about your quality control? or whether you give a dam about Sybase/PB.
Is it possible to generate .net as well as j2ee deployable components using the same datawindow.
Estoy utilizando recientemente y me parece muy interesante!!
The .Net integration fails to meet expectations when I analyze it on a 1:1 base. Especially after speaking directly to PB representative in Israek
The different versions will be well compatible with each other.
The different versions will be well compatible with each other.
Me encanta PB, pero necesitamos un control grafico, para desarrollar tareas de ingenieria. Gracias,
power builder esta para llorar.
trabajo desde la version 4 es excelente esero siga adelante y no desaparezca y se ataque la integracion con punto net y se de capacitacion que no existe mucho
Esta herramienta es una de las mejores del mercado, y espero que en las nuevas versiones vengan ms propiedades en el linea web.
I see a real need for earlier adoption of future MS technology like WPF for clients, Workflow Foundations for server-deployed NVOs. I also really want easier way to import a XML Schema file as a new XML template inside a DW object.
I introduced the powerbuilder to Riyad Bank and now I'm moved to another bank and I will try to impose on
Very nice tool to business applications but Sybase killed it by not marketing this product. Developing applications with this tool is so quick compared to other tools like .NET or Java. But nobody wants to invest in PB as everyone thinks/believes that this tool is in its final stretch. I still do not understand how such a wonderful product is coming to an end like this.
We love Powerbuilder. We're very sorry to see Sybase putting so much effort into .NET and nothing into Linux. We believe that the Windows platform is dead and Linux is the future. Native Linux support is key to our continued use of Powerbuilder.
PB is a robust product for developing client/server apps for use in a real-time production environment. Would like to be able to easily convert to a newer technology at some point as the market moves away from PB it is getting harder to find qualified developers.
Great Client / Server tool which there is no better. If you are not a .net shop then moving to the web with PowerBuilder Technology is very challenging if not practical.
Como una nota adicional siento que a PowerBuilder le falta la sentencia FOR...EACH para manejar ciclos entre las colecciones de un objeto (mas que nada Automatizacion de objetos COM), cosa que no se puede hacer con el FOR...NEXT ya que solo es a base de un indice. Otra nota adicional es que con la introduccion de PB 10.5 Sybase logro incrementear enormemente el diseo de interfaces de aplicaciones de usuario que se hace con esta herramienta, sin embargo pienso que le hace falta mejorar solo un poco mas ya que el nuevo estandar visual de aplicaciones como por ejemplo Office 2007 cada vez mas impresionantes lo hacen quedar atras nuevamente.
Es una buena herramienta y espero siga mejorando mucho mas.
En el rea web los cambios han sido demasiado drasticos de version a versin obligandonos a migrar y en ciertos casos a casi rehacer varios sitemas (Dynamo,HTML,JSPs.../ EASERVER) En el rea cliente servidor se siente cierto abandono, ya que las mejoras no son demasiadas y no se actuliza la parte visual de presentacin al usuario.
I'm the lone holdout for PB in my shop. Everybody else wants to do .NET. I still get things done faster/better with PB but the management believes the product and Sybase are dead because there's no talent pool for the product.
mas documentacion en castellano
poco desarrolladores en esta plataforma, lo cual es una deventaja para una empresa recurrir a esta tecnologa, por otra parte los gerentes de proyectos no conocen bien el producto ni sus potencialidades
I miss being able to easily paste instance variables and parameters from the dropdowns. I wish there were a common ancestor for datawindows and datastores (or if PB supported interfaces, that would work too). I wish the search results were a bit more permanent, rather than disappearing whenever I file a change.
Es una herramienta muy importante en la aplicacion de proyectos informaticos, asi mismo hasta que punto es muy seguro para trabajar con datos de entidades financieras, si su bakcup es muy confiable, gracias Luis Huertas- Movil:00-51-73-969093609 Piura PERU
Me gustara saber donde encontrar manuales de Power Builder en Espaol y si hay Certificaciones en power Builder
Power Builder is a lagacy system that is prone to developer error during open system cultural demands.
Hola soy estudiante Universitario y bueno me interesa mucho el uso del Power Builder, pero me agradaria que lo que se programa a nivel de aplicacion lo pueda migrar a web, es decir para usar dichas apliaciones en web de igual manera que se utiliza cuando uno no esta en el internet...saludos y gracias por mejorar cada dia esta herramienta..saludos desde Madre de Dios-Per
I am learning C# and .net because all of the jobs I see for PowerBuilder people are to port those applications to .net. Sorry, but not many of the companies I deal with as a consultant are planning to go forward with PowerBuilder.
Unfortunately it is not possible to install PB 11 on two workstations: office and home. This is the reason that we plan to select another product.
Love the product, hate the company. They don't market well, they're too slow, and they're too far behind.
Including pictures in a PB application should be as easy as attaching attaching a document. I do not know if that has been fixed in later versions.
Deberia darsele mas difusin a aplicaciones .Net, sobre todo la parte de DataWindow .NET. Pues en las empresas consideran dejarlo porque no es para web y aun mantienen versiones 7 y 8.
Quisiera, que por intermedio de mi correo, me pudieran mantener actualizado en todo lo nuevo de power builder, quisiera conocer mas de power builder 10 y 11, a travez de manuales, cursos, documentos, soy Colombiano especialmente del Departamento del Choc, PowerBuilder es lo mejor que me ha podido suceder, la considero como la herramienta mas poderosa para desarrollar aplicaciones de 4 generacion, hablando de generaciones que me pueden decir de la nueva generacion que se nos avecina como es la POA (Programacin Orientada en Aspecto).
Bonjour, Actuellement j'ai commenc faire des recherches par rapport la nouvelle version de PoweBuilder 11.x et EAServer. Actuellement je travaille avec PowerBuilder 8.0.3 et Oracle 9i (cest un systme client/serveur). Jaimerais savoir quelle version de PowerBuilder ce sera la meilleure pour moi. De plus jaimerais connatre un peu plus par rapport au EAServer, comme je peux transformer mon systme et sil est vraiment difficile de faire une migration de mes librairies PBL? Merci beaucoup et bonne journe, Andy Del Risco M. Analyste Programmeur
Esas una excelente herramienta de desarrollo desde que empece con PowerBuilder5 las mejoras han sido muy buenas, desearia de que haya mas informacion en Espaol de PowerBuilder para desarrollar en Web. Por lo de mas, como dije anteriormente es una excelente herramienta.
La versin 6.5 es muy cerrada en el sentido que no se pueden comprar componentes ya construidos por terceros. Arquitectura de software muy cerrada
While writing a script or code in PowerBuilder please provide a complete online syntax help for reduce a time for typing script.
Excelente herramienta de desarrollo, espero mejor tratamiento de informaci?n con sql server 2000 y 2005.
PowerBuilder is a very good software
Why Sybase is not marketing this wonderfull product. Sybase should be thinking about bundling PB desktop free of charge with their other products. Also PB and EAserver should be bundled with ASE.
Ther're lots of features that developers are waiting for years, all they have to do is check ISUG requests. after PB12 is delivered I'd personally prefer restoring Linux as a deployment platform.
powerbuilder is very usefull and fast development tool and very easy to use this tool. but we did not use with .net
Seamless integration with internet tools like emailing should be improved. graphical interface its also something that end users care about on deployed applications.
Unfortunately my "superiors" have deemed PowerBuilder a dead language and we are only allowed to maintain existing applications. (We have about 40). I on the other hand believe there is nothing better then PowerBuilder for RAD.
I have been using PowerBuilder since release 3 to develop client server applications. I am a Consultant/Developer and use PowerBuilder in developing and maintaining applications for many companies around the USA. I do not see a reason to change.
It is the perception within this organisation that Powerbuilder will continue to lag behind current developments in .NET and that it is a dead end, career wise.
It looks strange for me that PowerBuilder DataWindow doesn't have Title band symmetric to Summary one that should appeared only in the very beginning of the report and could contain report's resume, places fo signatures, etc. Then, I would inlcude GhostScript and Acrobat Reader installation into PowerBuilder deployment because saving as PDF is the only option to keep all the formating of complicate DataWindows (PSR is pretty out of date solution, and PSR Viewer isn't deployed with PB VM, either).
It Wud be better if web application can be formed with the help of power builder alone and not with the help of .net framework.
Need to improve the marketing.
soy nuevo en el tema, pero si es q solo funciona bajo IIS no lo voy a usar mucho.
hope powerbuilder become the best develoment tool
muy buenos en realidad espero pueda mejorar mas en la interfaz grafica de usuario
Sorry I don't use PB! I just want to know where it is headed
one of the best Application development tools, and very powerful and sturdy.
Powerbuilder is exponentially better than anything else I've used. It's a shame it's losing popularity.
Me gustara calificarles a 10, me falta aplicar bastante de la programacin, lo que se me ha servido mucho para la programacin base
Sybase has to market one of the most productive development environemts avaialble or it will die!
Powerbuilder is going toward .Net but we need to see our generated code in .Net languages, so that we can modify the code in .Net environment, if needed.
We seem to have moved on and left PB behind, a pity.
We started with PB in 1993 and have used this product since that time. We are very satisfied and have no plan for any change of this platform.
Hardly anyone in the Netherlands is using PB. We're dropping it because there are no developers available.
pb 12.5 changed where pbodb.ini file is lying and didn't mention afaik it in documentation/changelog.
We really like PB and cannot understand why it has become so unpopular
As a customer of Powerbuilder since version 1, I've always been a proponent of PB. Unfortunately with the current marketplace for development, all of our major work will either be around SAP, Salesforce.com, or .NET. The .NET folks here are not interested in the latest from PB.
They used to give access to the solved cases database without a support contract. I wish they did that again.
The object model is still messy, it was a problem from the very beginning. There is no global object tree with a common root. The fact, that DataWindow and DataStore are different objects is disappointing.
Powerbuilder is what it is. It's a client-server tool and that's where sybase has to position it. It has absolutely no business trying to generate web applications and there are way too many questions surrounding the current .Net generation as winforms. If you want to see all the problems surrounding the current PB .Net strategy just visit the PB futures newsgroups.
Good application development tool, that is not 'sexy' any more. It is like COBOL was in the early 1990's, a work horse that no one wants to used
PB is still a great tool, but the rate of change and also the amount of third party support are much weaker than what we see in the Microsoft development tools space.
The best Windows development tool for data intensive oriented business applications!
The best Windows development tool for data intensive oriented business applications!
Wish the company still used it but it is being phased out.
You should include MYSQL in your database list on question #6
Biggest problem with PowerBuilder: Desktop and Professional do not include the .NET stuff. This is unbelievable. I use Desktop because I don't need any of the Enterprise features as they aren't applicable for small apps. With 11.x however, if I want to do anything .NET related, I need to shell out $3K instead of $300. It will never happen. I am now using Visual Studio Express for free and once proficient, may consider moving all my apps over to a MS product, since Sybase is being greedy. Take out things like version control, PBL access over a network (so PBLs can't be shared easily), big server DBs like Oracle (leave the cheap ones on the web like Access/SQL Server Express). Take out anything aimed at multi-developer, big company applications. Sorry, .NET doesn't come under that. By not including the .NET capabilities in all editions of PowerBuilder, Sybase is slowly killing itself.
PowerBuilder still can't be beaten for rapid application development of database oriented applications. Even after all these years, the datawindow still rules!
PowerBuilder is a very good development tool, but we have decided to move to .NET development because of the lack of expertise from outside the company. New developper or consultent don't have the PB expertise anymore ...
v9 makes us angry when "generating" GPFs without any cause. We hope for a better v11-version. Why is the datawindow-printing so poor? Why is there no visual control to display html-pages inside usercontrols/windows? New applications are .Net-based web-applications.
You are moving in the right direction. Keep it going lads.
They have spent a lot of time making some very wonderful improvements that we are using. I hope that they also spend some time on the fundamentals of the programming environment and windows controls. Many of the extended functions of the pfc should become options of the controls. Like column-top-click-to-sort. How about drop-down-list-box control with a dw as its source placeable directly on a window. Id also like to get autofill and lookup on drop-down-list-boxes. Allow the programmer to set the relations between multiple dws on a single form so that keys and updates propagate and save properly. They should take the strong end-user experience form MS access and allow us to provide it thru this strong programming environment.
I am a Surgeon - no formal training in IT. But still have managed to make world class applications -even written articles in PBDJ. All due to the ease of learning and working with Powerbuilder. Never needed to learn anything else - the reasons why don't use stored procedures.
address the performance issue and ensuring that PFC-based applications will run smoothly in both webform and winform
It's really excellent tool. But very few peowple knew about Powerbuilder
All above questions shows only positive side of the product but the fact is Now a days Powerbuilder application are used for reengineering to other technology like vb.net. Comany's don't want to stick with powerbuilder even though we popose them to migrate in PB's higher ver like 11. If you ask me like How many PB application migrated in other technology my answer is : 5
NO PB books are available in the market. No training institutes are availabe for new learners and to learn PB .NET
Nice tool for development.
Powerbuilder is still the only real RAD tool for classic windows applications working with any RDBMS.
A lot of development emphasis seems to be on things we are not interested in at all: we don't care about .NET, transaction servers or whatnot; we want a good client server tool. We do our web development with the best web development tools available, we have a 4 terabyte database that handles transaction control, web services integration, security and business logic just fine. We would very much like to see more effort applied to improving the usability of PB as a pure CS tool. The IDE still crashes daily, implementations of common objects are still incomplete (menu items: why can't we modify the color?; treeview datawindows: why can we not modify or remove the plus-signs on a group, how dificult can it be to have a "merged" header above two or more regular headers, why can we use relative references in a datawindow (type column_name[-2]) but not absolute references, ...) Why did it take this long improve the graphs? And why was this silly copy protection system introduced? Does Sybase really think they are losing revenue because of massive PB copying? Anyone who is serious about development will make sure to have the right licenses - the licensing server just makes using pb even more of a hassle for serious users - I am blocking migration beyond 10.5 because of this reason. Eventually, we will have to move up, but that will certainly trigger a re-evaluation of our development environment.
Un look plus "state of the art" des applications, avec l'utilisation de perspectives, comme l'environnement de dev lui-meme serait des plus benefique pour la perenite de PB
Un IDE à la "Eclipse" serait le bienvenu !
Best IDE & RAD tool ever!
PB served its purpose for us well. Legacy apps will be around for a while. As a developer, I gave PB a 3 simply because I enjoy working in the .NET environment (framework + IDE)
Its a good development tool
Me gustaria que la ayuda mejore, aun se a quedado en la epoca de la prehistoria,
La tendencia en nuestro entorno de trabajo es desarrollar para ambiente web y me gustara conocer las ventajas y desventajas entre Visual Studio .NET Vs. PowerBuilder porque siento que antes de voltear a ver otros productos debemos de terminar de conocer lo que PowerBuilder nos ofrece como soporte de desarrollo para el ambiente web. Gracias.
on Generating a report Clients feel that there is some restiction in adding more fields to the report. This needs more flexibility . More marketting is required for PB. which is a really good software where I am using nearly for past 5 years.
Es un IDE facil de aprender y se crean aplicaciones de forma muy rapida, se queda un poco corto en la parte visual, deberian integrarse mejor con componentes como: Component One, Infragistics, etc.
Me gusta mucho programar con Power Builder pero quisiera mayores opciones como las que se describen en el numeral 11.
Creo que se podra mejorar la interface grfica asi como la adicion de nuevos controles graficos que permitan al desarrollador solamente reutilizarlos, como los que tienen .NET. Asi mismo una mayor integracin en lo que es desarrollo en WEB, es decir hacer aplicaciones rapidamente y implementar mucho cdigo, tal vez tener un generados de cdigo. Buenon son ciertas apreciaciones en las que podra aportar. Saludos cordiales.
Se deberia de hacer mas facil su utilizacin
Las versiones mas recientes, versines 10,11 son muchos mas estables que las versiones anteriores.
es inestable la PB10 se cuelga frecuentemente. sin embargo es buena erramienta de desarrollo
VENGO usando power Builder desde la version 4 hace 12 aos, es una herramienta muy fuerte que permite generar sistemas de informacion de todo tipo, felicitaciones
Se requiere mejoras para el soporte para aplicaciones web
Me parece excelente Power Builder
Creo que sera de gran utilidad que la herramienta permita desarrollos para multiplataformas (windows, linix, etc). Adicionalmente, creo que debe existir una buena prueba del producto y que los representantes en cada pas tengan el conocimiento tcnico adecuado sobre la herramienta. Esto por cuanto en nuestro caso no es as y en este momento contamos con varias pulgas encontradas y reconocidas en la herramienta. Creo que el prestigio depende de la celeridad y prontitud con que se evaluan los casos y personalmente a nosotros nos han dejado en deuda. Espero ver en las versiones futuras una mejor evaluacin de los recursos que brindan las predecesoras y no encontrar nuevas pulgas como las encontradas en la versin 11.2. Gracias.
Es una herramienta muy productiva pero cara en comparacion con MS .net
Creo que PowerBuilder es una muy buena herramienta de desarrollo y el trabajo de la datawindow es fundamental para las conecciones de bases de datos y hace que el trabajo se reduzca enormemente.
We want PowerBuilder 12.
Deseariamos Conocer, todo lo que podemos realizar en la version PB11.X de Power Builder, con el objetivo de mejorar nuestra plataforma de desarrollo
Es muy triste, que dejen morir una herramienta tan buena, no entiendo el porque de los costos tan elevados, hagan algo para que power reviva, ya que es para mi excelente...mejoremos la parte grafica, diseo, web en costo, y que pasa con el costo de las licencias para los desarrolladores. Yo le debo mucho a Power Builder y en cada compaia que he estado procuro mostrar lo mejor...
Sybase Marketing in middle east especially in Saudi Arabia is very poor against Oracle and other companies.
Es un lenguaje muy estructurado y facilita mucho el acceso y manejo de datos
Hacer que power builder sea multiplataforma
Mis aplicaciones son cliente/servidor por lo tanto utilizan demasiado el recurso de red a tal punto que se pone un poco lento cuando hay muchos usuarios, debe existir una forma para poder mejorar esto, la solucin que estoy evaluando es cambiar a un ambiente 3 capas, pero migrar todo lo hecho me imagino que va ser un gran trabajo y tomara mucho tiempo. Los datawindow tienen una propiedad que te permite extraer un registro de la bases de datos a la vez o todos pero si la tabla tiene unos 2 o 3 mil registros que no son muchos para mi concepto los mismos demoran en presentarse en pantalla, pienso que esa tarea debe ser algo mucho mas rpida y si quiero ir del primer registro al ltimo sin usar un scroll pareciera que el PB pasa registro por registro preguntando cual es el ltimo cuando debe tener punteros que te envien alla directo. Saludos y continuen mejorando, si hay alguna sugerencia ser bien recibida.
Es uno de los lenguajes muy amigables para desarrollar aplicaciones para empresas y tambien he probado el PB 11.5 para WebForm y realmente es muy pesado para cargar en entorno web. y seria bueno que mejoren en esa parte en la carga y ejecusion del entorno web.
debe ser mas robusta en ambientes web
esta herramienta de programacin para mi es bueno, ahorro tiempo, me gustaria que el pocketBuilder se conectara directo con Microfot SQL Server.
Powerbuilder es una muy buena herramienta, porque es robusta y permite desarrollar aplicaciones en menos tiempo que en otras herramientas, que va mejorando e integrandose a otras tecnologas como .net.
Me gustaria conocer sitios (en espaol preferiblemente) donde pueda encontrar informacin, tips y ejemplos de aplicaciones que esten actualizado segun las versiones de esta herramienta PB. Seria de mucha ayuda.
1. We bought PB 11 and only available update until 11.1 Sybase release new version very fast. after buy 11.1 we need to test our application and not yet got any profit but sybase already release new version. we hope sybase can give us longer time to got the update (2 or 3 year free update ). 2. Sybase should be give more application sample source code. I found it at codexchange or others website, but there are not much sample of the PB's features. so we need more time to explore the features.
Wish to use one tool for any kind of applications for the future in any OS.
keep work up!!!
A very good product!
We would like a more 'up to date' user interface... more Vista like
pb 12 please, asap...
I am a very fan of PB and working from past 6 years on PB. There are many persons (PB Professionals) with whom i interact and having a discussions and expectations from sybase to enhance PB to through which we can develop Web based and RIA applications. Just not like integrating with .NET or J2ee but as a independent application development suite. Great Luck...!
Mejorar el manejo de archivos.
Desarrollo aplicaciones con Powerbuilder desde el ao 1993 versin 3.0 y 4.0 Beta y me parece excelente, su evolucin me ha ayudado a su vez a evolucionar mis aplicaciones (software administrativos y del sector salud.
El licenciamiento es muy caro. Tienen que bajar los precios para que sea ms reconocida esta herramienta tan buena.
Siento que falta mas optimizacin en cuanto a la forma en que opera un sistema cuando creamos un proyecto web procedente de una aplicacin cliente servidor, me refiero a q cuando ejecuto una aplicacin cliente servidor como web es muy lenta, quisa sea nuestra forma de desarrollar o quiza el pb. me gustaria saber al respecto.
PowerBuilder is a great development tool with unmatched productivity. However, the biggest difficulty for us is to find PB-skilled developers.
Thanks PowerBuilder
Powerbuilder should provide state-of-art windows graphical objects. More integration with .NET & Microsoft office products
Sybase deberia dar mas apoyo publicitario a Appeon, ya que es la unica solucion seria para aplicaciones web desarrolladas en PB. Ademas deberian mejorar el entorno grafico, que siempre fue espantoso.
PB is very good in developing classic, client -server applications in terms of speed and stability. However, the user interface is a major issue. You can spot a PB application from a mile. I don't know why Sybase does not pay attention to simple things that are very annoying for the end user. Some examples: the menus in MDI applications in PB10.5 are flickering, the grid is old-fashioned (e.g. no XP like or other nice headers), Tahoma 8 fonts go too close to the grid line, if you put a background which is not white you see a small area between the grid line and the column painted with this background (which is not nice at all), the tab control is old fashioned, and many others. PB 11.5 does not address these issues. It is trying to become a web development tool but again basic things are not being given attention. For example: the web applications transmits about 1MB of data just for the login screen (all the Javascript files, so it takes for the user about 30 seconds just to see the first screen), the screens are big and slow, you cannot control the appearance (e.g. lowered fields do not appear with the blue box in XP). It gives me the same feeling like client - server development: it does 90% of the job but the remaining 10%, which is important, is not available and does never become available.
Pienso que Power Builder debi integrarse a la tecnologa Web con IIS y/o con un servidor en Java, de manera ms transparente. Resulta imprescindible que Power Builder sea coherente con su vision de ser la herramienta RAD ms eficaz y efeciente del Mercado. Si harian que la implementacin de un proyecto web en PB no sea tan fastidioso, seria un golazo.
Estoy muy a gusto con power builder, porque cubre todas mis necesidades
Sybase should consideer improve the marketing of PowerBuilder
Actually, we are in the process of migrating from Sybase to Oracle and we are currently looking into feasability studies on which new language would be a good fit for our organization.
Excellent 4 GL with great database connectivity!
Soy experto en power builder y somos totalmente anti microsoft
trying to fight back the governments Java one size fits all.
We've been using it for a many years now and are excited to evaluate the recent version.
this is ok.
Best in industry. Need to be marked well to gain its prospersity.
Excellent Tootl for developing business applications.
Please create, as in the past, the ability to download evaluation copies of PowerBuilder. It is impossible to sell a client on the use of PowerBuilder without help from Sybase!
ability to deploy existing applications to the web without modification
power builder is a very flexible & powerfull tool,database interaction is much more easier and ultimate in power builder than other technologies.i think its a tremendous tool.but i really surprised,why new projects are not developed in power builder.why peoples are not using power builder.
More power to Sybase
I am really curious to know what efforts Sybase is taking to regain the original status of PowerBuilder and make it a tool of choice for n-tier business applications. Once upon a time people never use to think of a tool other than PB for business application development.
I think Sybase is doing a great job of keeping PowerBuilder competitive and also a great job of providing and supporting many useful developer resources, ie. user-community support, on-line resources, and the many advantages of joining ISUG. I would like to know, if anyone has any information, on the use of PowerBuilder in ICELAND.
PowerBuilder runs 8 of our top 10 mission critical systems!
My company wants to migrate to a web based architecture of their current PowerBuilder windows based application. After testing and reviewing your PB v11.5 and making a webform, we noticed that you are using Telerik controls. We also know that you plan a release of v12 which will be fully integrated into Visual Studio. For us to start planning our design and structures for developers we need more advance knowledge of this product, is there anyway to get on a beta program for this product? I personally have been working with PowerBuilder since v4.xx and had worked for PowerCerv in the past. If you need additional information about my background please let me know. Sincerely, Bob Zagars
I'm the Principal SC for PowerBuilder in North America.
Instead of provide traditional menu object to generate menu for application, is it possible to provide more new style of menu objects ( like outlook menu, windows menu ) that we can make a application more look nice.

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