Analyze a Visual Expert project automatically

With Visual Expert 5.6, you can launch the analysis of a project in "batch" mode.
Therefore it is possible to program Visual Expert to refresh your project analysis whenever you want (during lunch, at night, etc...).

How to program the automatic analysis of a Visual Expert project

1 - In Visual Expert, select "Tools" > "Schedule analysis" (Ctrl + Maj + H)

2 - The Visual Expert Scheduler Analysis window opens :

Plan the analysis of your Visual Expert project:

Select "Activate" and enter the requested parameters to plan the analysis:

Indicate the start, date, start time and if necessary the end date

You can launch the analysis Once, Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

Windows account:
Enter the ID and the password that the PC user uses to log onto Windows

- Program to run: {Visual Expert install directory}\Nve56.exe (default value)
- Parameter: /a " {full name of the Visual Expert project file .pad}"
- Starting directory: Visual Expert install directory\Shared
- Task name: Give a specific name to each VE project i.e: [VisualExpert Analysis] - PBSample

Visual Expert opens at the required time, starts the analysis and shuts down.
NB: You have to close Visual Expert. If another session of Visual Expert is open, it will request a confirmation before opening a new session and launching the analysis.

You can look at the scheduled tasks (report) by clicking on the "Open Task List" button of the Visual Expert Scheduler Analysis window.