Generate and Send a Log File (*.VELog)

This procedures shows how to manually send an Extended Log (also called VELog because of it *.velog extension) from Visual Expert.

How to Send an Extended Log from Visual Expert Manually?

  • Open the Project for which you would like to send a log to the Visual Expert Support.
    Go to the 'Help' tab in the Ribbon. Click on [Get Support].
    Get Support Button in Help Tab
  • The Contact Support wizard will open on your screen.
    Select "Generate an extended log" and click [Next].
    Contact Support Wizard in Visual Expert
  • Select the analysis that failed to complete.
    If needed, change the folder where the Log will be generated.
    Click [Next].
    Send Extended Log for Failed Code Analysis
  • Visual Expert will generate a VELog (Extended Log) and open a new window. (See Below)
    Click on [Browse Log].
    Contact Support Wizard in Visual Expert
  • You will be directed to the VELog files available on your computer. Each file is encrypted.
    Browse VELog Files on your Computer
  • Select the VELog file you want to submit, and upload it to this page.
    Webpage to upload VELog Files

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