Impact Analysis for PowerBuilder

“If I change this, what is Impacted?”
Don’t break your application over a change! Anticipate side effects. Avoid regressions.

No matter the item changed: Visual Expert can find all references to it.
Check your code and safely commit your changes.

What is an Impact Analysis?

An impact analysis aims at finding all the items depending on the code you will change.

  • Nodes represent objects, methods or variables.
  • Arrows represent relationships between callers and callees.
What is Impact Analysis?

Visual Expert performs a static analysis of your code. No matter the item changed (object, table, column, function, variable) Visual Expert will find all references to it.

Note: An impact Analysis shows references at instruction-level.

Why use Impact Analysis?

  1. Understand the inner working of your application.
  2. Evaluate the potential consequences of a change.
    Identify what needs to be changed to complete a modification.
    Review your code, before safely committing changes.
  3. Debug anomalies of program execution.


  • A table or a column is modified: where is it used in my code?
  • This variable has changed: where is it referenced?
  • This function has a new parameter, which calls should I update?

How to Run an Impact Analysis?

First, select a presentation style:

TreeView E/R Diagram
Impact Analysis in Tree View for PowerBuilder Impact Analysis in ER Diagram for PowerBuilder
  • More compact representation
  • Efficient for large volumes
  • More graphic representation
  • Easier for less-technical audiences
Tutorial: Run Impact Analysis in a TreeView Tutorial: Run Impact Analysis in a Diagram


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