Call Graphs for PowerBuilder

What is a Call Graph?

Call graphs represent calling relationships between objects or methods of an application.

  • Nodes represent objects/methods.
  • Arrows materialize relationships between callers and callees.
What is a call graph?

Visual Expert performs a static analysis of your code. It generates static call graphs, intended to represent every possible run of the application.

Note: for a higher-level representation, you can visualize PBL dependencies.

Why use Call Graphs?

  1. Understand the inner working of your application.
    Visualize chains of calls between objects or methods
  2. Basis for further analyses,
    for instance tracking the flow of values between procedures
  3. Detect anomalies of program execution.

How to Generate Call Graphs?

First, select the type of Graph you need:

TreeView E/R Diagram
Generate Call Graph in TreeView for PowerBuilder Generate Call Graph in E/R Diagram for PowerBuilder
  • More compact representation
  • Efficient for large volumes
  • More graphic representation
  • Easier for less-technical audiences
Follow this article to generate
Call Graphs as tree view
Follow this article to generate
Call Graphs as E/R Diagrams


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