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Novalys PowerBuilder Worldwide Survey 2015

This year, we've partnered with Appeon to enhance our annual survey! Appeon recently announced that they may take over the development of PowerBuilder, and you may have already seen a short questionnaire regarding these future evolutions.Together with Appeon, we've created additional questions to let them better understand your needs.

Take the 2015 PowerBuilder survey to specify your needs and help them build a roadmap that best meets your expectations.

Now is the time to have your voice heard! Tell Appeon what you want for PowerBuilder.

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1) Looking back, how many years has your company been using PowerBuilder?

2) Looking ahead, how long do you expect PowerBuilder to be used in your company?

3) In 2015, will you use PowerBuilder to:

4) In 2015, how many developers will use PowerBuilder in your company?

5) PowerBuilder Version

Which PowerBuilder version do you use most frequently in your development?
Which other PowerBuilder version(s) do you use?

6) In 2015, do you plan to migrate to a later version of PowerBuilder?

7) Which RDBMS is your company using?

Does your application include stored procedures?

8) Architecture

What type of applications are you developing with PB?
In the future, what type of applications would you consider developing?
Which application servers do you use?

9) EAServer:

a. If you are using EAServer, please explain why you have not deployed your PB NVOs to IIS with PB.NET.

b. Why do you deploy PowerBuilder objects to EAServer?
  Very important Important Not very important We don't use
EAServer for this
To re-use code beteween
multiple PB Applications
To improve the
performance of PB Applications
To expose business logic
to external applications via COBRA
To expose business logic
to external applications via Web Services
To make the business logic a service
that runs continusously in the background

10) What other technologies are used in your company? (select all that apply)


11) PB.NET

a. How likely are you to use the following Web Service technologies?
  Don't use now and
won't in the future
Don't use now,
maybe in the future
Don't use now,
will in the future
Use Now

b. What PowerBuilder.Net technologies are you currently using or planning to use?
  Currently do not use and
no plans to
Currently do not use and
maybe in the future
Currently do not use and
will in the future
Currently Use
WPF Applications
WCF Web Services
WCF Client Proxies
REST Client Proxies
Non-Visual .NET Assemblies
Visual .Net Assemblies

12) PB Improvements

a. Do you have significant stability issues with (choose all that apply):
b. Do you have significant stability issues with (choose all that apply):

13) Are you currently using RichText Editor in you app?

14) Have you already answered Appeon's Survey:

1. How worthwhile is it to modernize the UI appearance of your PowerBuilder app?

2. How worthwhile is it to develop new iOS/Android apps with PowerBuilder?

3. How worthwhile is it to deploy your PowerBuilder apps to Macintosh?

4. Which PowerBuilder app deployment method would you prefer?

5. Are you using any of the following for a "live" app?

6. How can Appeon improve PowerBuilder for you?

15) Support

a. What is your preferred method to receive first level support?
b. What maximum response time do you need after reporting an issue with PB?
c. Is 24/7 support mandatory for your project?

16) As a developer how would you rate PowerBuilder?

(0 being very bad to 10 being excellent)

16) Your comments are welcome!