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As every year, we performed a survey on the use of PowerBuilder in 2009.
We wish to thank the participants for their contribution.

Not only did we look at the current use of PowerBuilder, we also analyzed the impact of Java and .NET on PowerBuilder users. Java/JEE technology has been used widely for many years. Microsoft uses all its marketing power to impose its platform, rallying the Sybase capabilities to its cause. PowerBuilder has thus come closer to .NET technologies in its versions.

We asked:
What are the most awaited developments of PB?
What proportion of PB teams adopted .NET technology in 2009?
Who’s still using PB5? Who has moved to PB11? Where do you fit in?

Take the 2010 survey and see the 2009 results!


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 1) How long will PowerBuilder be used in your company?
Less than 1 year Between 1 or 2 years More than 2 years We do not use PB anymore
 2) In 2010, you will use PowerBuilder to:
Develop new applications Maintain existing applications Both
 3) In 2010, how many developers will use PowerBuilder in your company?
1 - 3 4 - 8 9 - 20 21 - 50 more than 50
 4) Which PowerBuilder version do you currently use most?
PB 5 PB 6.x PB 7 PB 8 PB 9 PB 10.x PB 11.x
 5) In 2010, do you plan to migrate toward a more recent PowerBuilder version?
Yes No migration in 2010 I don't know
 6) Database
 Which RDBMS is your company using:
Syabse ASE Sybase ASA Oracle DB2 Informix SQL Server Other
 Does your application include stored procedures?
Not at all Just a few A lot!
 7) PowerBuilder and .NET
 Do you use DataWindow .NET to develop .NET Applications?
Yes No We intend to in the future Don’t know/prefer not to say
 Do you intend to generate .NET applications from PB code?
Yes No We intend to in the future Don’t know/prefer not to say
 8) Are your existing PB applications Web-enabled?
Yes, with PowerBuilder Appeon
We intend to in the future with PowerBuilder Appeon
No, we plan to Remain in Client/Server Rewrite in .NET or Java

Don’t know/prefer not to say

 9) Is your application multilingual?
Yes No We intend to make it multilingual in the future Don't know
 10) Which other technologies are used in your company? (select all that apply)

.NET Winform Application
.NET Webform (ASP.NET)
Other .NET technologies (WCF, WPF, Silverlight...)
 Java / J2EE

Web (perl, php, python...)
Oracle development tools
 11) Which improvements are you waiting for the most? (select all that apply)
Integration with .NET
Windows Graphical Objects improvements
Linux support
XML integration improvements
Web services integration improvements
Non-visual components improvements (Regular Expressions, List, Internet,...)
Other :
 12) As a developer, what is your opinion about PowerBuilder?
Please give a mark between 0 and 10 (10 for excellent)











 13) Your comments are welcome!