Analyze your PowerBuilder, Oracle and  SQL Server Code

Impact Analysis

Avoid unwanted side effects. Assess the impact of a change in the code. Identify potential consequences of change and estimate the task ahead.

Code Exploration

Explore your code in ways you've never done before. View the structure of your application and the relationships between your components. Improve your source code by detecting unused components.

Technical Documentation

Generate a complete documentation of your application and update it automatically. Centralize and diffuse the knowledge of your application in a single report.

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Impact Analysis

Unexpected side effects may arise due to a modification in your PowerBuilder and Oracle code. They could appear any time in the cycle, even after they are in production, and are costly to resolve.

If you need to change any items in your application (object, method, variable, table, procedure or column used...) run an Impact Analysis with Visual Expert for PowerBuilder and Oracle before modifying your code.

Avoid Regressions bugs

Visual Expert lists all components related to an item. Identify potential consequences that may occur when making a change.

Estimate the task ahead

Save resources, time and money by assessing the impact of a change before going into production.

Document your code

Document references (Impact Analysis)

Need to change a windows, userobjects, powerscripts, procedure, a table, a column...? Visual Expert can list and document all components related to this item. This will help you evaluate the consequences of a change.

Schedule your documentation

Visual Expert lets you schedule the creation of your documentation to run in the background or start it at a specific time.
Your documentation is always up to date.

Customize your documentation

A wizard helps you to easily customize the look and content of your documentation, by creating your own style and configuring what items to display.
Generate HTML files and easily browse your components using hyperlinks.

Master large and complex Code

Easily Navigate in your code,

no matter how complex the code is.

Gain development and maintenance time

and facilitate the integration of new developers
  • Discover the structure and its components (pbl, userobject, window, datawindow, tables, columns, packages, triggers, procedures...)
  • Explore calls between components and master the framework (Looking for ancestors, attributes of a window, what procedure is calling what function...)
  • Include multiple applications in a single Visual Expert project thereby completing a cross sectional analyses.

Visual Expert Team System

The collaborative solution for code maintenance

Enable team members to collaborate with Visual Expert, during a migration or when maintaining a large application:

  • The code analysis is done on a server, and instantly accessible to all teammates. 
    All code analyses are saved, letting teammates browse earlier versions.
  • Developers collaborating on a big change can exchange impact analysis, documentation or specific views of their code.
  • The Server can schedule tasks - for instance refresh code analysis every night and update the code documentation: teammates always get fresh info when they need it.
  • Access Control features let you define who can view which project. Team System supports floating licenses, to deploy Visual Expert to large teams.

PowerBuilder Code Review

Code Review

Optimize your code – reduce your maintenance effort

  • Dead code detection: find and remove dead code to improve the performance of your application and simplifies its maintenance.
    List the items (objects, functions, events, etc...) with no known dependencies (inheritance, reference, embedded objects…).
  • Duplicated components: scan your code to find objects of the same type, with the same name, existing in a given target.
  • Code metrics: Visual Expert can produce some size and volumetry statistics about your code.
  • Empty methods: while maintaining an application, some methods may be temporarily commented or emptied from any source code. Track down such methods in case you wish to remove them and lighten up your code.
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Visual Expert Provides

Support for multiple programming languages

You can analyze both client (PowerBuilder) and Server code (Oracle PL/SQL) in the same project. This greatly helps maintaining the dependencies between the front and back ends of your system.


You can include multiple applications in a single Visual Expert project thereby completing a cross sectional analyses. VE is made to support large volumes, especially when installed on a server: you can add as much code as you want in your project!

Collaborative features

Multiple users can share the same Visual Expert project. Everyone can explore the same application at the same time, and share results of impact analysis and code exploration...

Code Review

Dead code detection: Visual Expert identifies the objects, methods, variables and parameters no longer used in your application. It also provides some metrics and statistics about your code.

Scheduled tasks

Code Analysis and Doc generation can be refreshed automatically, on a regular basis. You can delegate these tasks to a server, to free up a developer PC and support very large volumes of code. Analysis and documentation are always up-to-date, and available to all developers.

Code analyses history

Visual Expert automatically keeps multiple analyses of the same project. You can go back on previous versions of the application in order to explore past versions of your code.