Visual Expert Key Features

The must have solution for the maintenance of your PowerBuilder, SQL Server, and Oracle code

Cross References

Visual Expert Oracle Imapct Analysis

Impact Analysis

Avoid Regressions

Find out where elements are used or accessed.
View calls to certain items at instruction level.

CRUD Matrix

CRUD Matrix

Review CRUD operations

Generate a CRUD matrix, showing which objects access your data, and how.

Visual Expert Oracle Imapct Analysis

Call Graph

Explore Chains of Calls

View chains of calls.
Review a business feature.

Visual Expert Oracle Imapct Analysis

PBL Dependencies

Explore Dependencies at PBL Level

  • Visualize calls accross PBLs.
  • Separate application modules.

More Cross Ref features

  • Reverse Call Graphs
  • Track PowerBuilder calls to Web services
  • Dll Dependencies
  • Object Dependencies...
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Code Review

Security Vulnerabily

Security Scan

Detect vulnerabilities

Automatically scan the code to detect vulnerabilities that could be exploited to steal data or hijack the application's functionalities.

Identify Performance Issues in your DB Code

Database Code

Improve Code Performance

Find the slowest procedures, functions, triggers. Break down the execution time of a large object into sub-queries or instructions. And more!

Clean Up PowerBuilder Code

Clean-up your Code

Streamline Maintenance Efforts

Identify unused objects, empty methods, duplicates. oversized scripts, etc.


Security Vulnerabily

CI Dashboard

Monitor Remediation Tasks

Visualize high-level indicators, issues by severity and type, remediation costs and technical debts.

More Code Review features

  • Continuous Code Inspection
  • Detect Bugs and Performance Issues,
  • Get an inventory of your code,
  • Check Naming Conventions,
  • Check Naming Consistency,
  • Find unnamed objects,
  • Produce Code Metrics...
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Code Documentation

Visual Expert Code Documentation

Source Code Doc

Generate HTML reference manuals

Schedule and automatically document the references in your code. Navigate between them using hyperlinks.
Share knowledge with teammates.

Security Vulnerabily

Code Review Reports

Generate HTML reports

Automatically generate detailed code review reports for PowerBuilder, Oracle or SQL Server code, based on pre-defined rules.

Visual Expert Code Comparison

Code Comparison

Compare code or application

A unique approach: application-wide comparisons based on the code structure.
Visualize the difference in a container hierarchy and drill down in the code.

Code Diagrams

Code Diagrams

Generate diagrams from code

Visualize objects and dependencies.
Diagrams and source code are synchronized.
Select objects to generate a diagram.

More Features

Leverage more than 200 features to maintain and improve your PowerBuilder and Database code without breaking your application

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Visual Expert Videos

Watch these short videos to catch a glimpse of Visual Expert powerful features

Visual Expert 2017

Why use Visual Expert

Identify the consequences of a change

Avoid Regressions when evolving your application

Understand complex code

Master large and complex applications

Document your applications

Automatically generate a complete documentation of your application

Review and optimize your code

Improve the stability, response times and streamline the maintenance of your applications.

Transfer the knowledge of your applications

Enable team members to collaborate during your projects.

Available For



SQL Server

How does it work?

  1. Code Parsers analyze your code, and store the Analysis in a Repository.
  2. You can then query this repository to learn more about your code
  3. Standalone configurations (Professional Edition) run all components on a single PC.
    Recommended for small/medium volumes of code.
  4. In Client/Server configurations (Team System), Code Analyzers and Repository reside on a server. Developers run a VE client on their PC and access the shared Repository.
  5. Code Analysis and Documentation are automatically generated with Scheduled Jobs.

Visual Expert Standalone

When analyzing small volumes of code ortrying Visual Expert, you can run it locally on a developer PC.

Visual Expert Standalone License

Standalone Configuration
The Developer run all Visual Expert components on his PC.

Visual Expert Floating

For large volumes of code, and for sharing analyses between team members, Visual Expert will run on a server.

Visual Expert Team System

Client/Server Configuration
The Server automatically analyses the code on a scheduled basis.
Developers run a Visual Expert client, query the Server and leverage up-to-date code analyses.

Visual Expert Pricing

Standalone License

Yearly Subscription • User

Standalone License

Perpetual • User

Floating License

Concurrent User Licenses
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  • Installation on a server with Floating Licenses
  • No named user license constraint
  • Unlimited install of Visual Expert clients
  • Collaborative Features included
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