Visual Expert 2017

Why use Visual Expert

Cross References

Identify code dependencies
Don’t break your app after a change

Document and Understand code

Generate Call Graphs, Data Models,
Source Code Documentation, etc.

Code Comparison

Compare databases and code.
Identify differences.

Code Quality

Improve maintainability. Clean up code.
Comply with dev standards

Code Security

Scan and fix security vulnerabilities.



Find slow pieces of code.
Analyze processes. Remove bottlenecks

Select Your Language

How does it work?

Visual Expert Standalone

When analyzing small volumes of code or trying Visual Expert, you can run it locally on a developer PC.

Visual Expert Standalone License

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Visual Expert Team System

For large volumes of code, and for sharing analyses between team members, Visual Expert will run on a server.

Visual Expert Team System

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Support for multiple programming languages

Visual Expert can analyze several programming languages, either separately (Oracle code only for instance) or altogether
(for example: PowerBuilder Front-end + an Oracle back-end + Front-end / Back-end dependencies).


You can analyse multiple applications at the same time.
For example if you maintain a portfolio and need to explore several applications in parallel.

Collaborative features

Team members can collaborate, sharing the same code analysis. For instance, an analyst prepares a change and lists the objects impacted. Teammates leverage this Impact Analysis, to review and change the corresponding objects. More about Visual Expert TEAM SYSTEM

Keep snapshots of your code

When a new code analysis is done, previous ones remain available. Open previous analyses to browse older versions of your code. Compare two code Analyses to find differences between them.

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