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Visual Expert supports PowerBuilder 2017

Support for PowerBuilder 2017

Visual Expert now supports PowerBuilder 2017. Learn how to include PB 2017 code in a Visual Expert Project, and how to edit PB 2017 objects or methods from VE.

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Visual Expert Features for Code Migration

9 Must-see features to migrate your PowerBuilder application

Whether you're moving to PB 2017, upgrading your database, going mobile or migrating to 64-bit, it's always a challenge to rework large and complex applications. This article introduces tools coming with Visual Expert, and simplifying your migration.

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Optimizing Disk Space

Optimizing the space consumed by Visual Expert

Optimize the space used by Visual Expert on your drive and in you database. Ensure complete and faster analysis of your code. Save teammates time and resources.

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Run a global search across your applications with Visual Expert

Make the most of my Visual Expert Global Search

Visual Expert allows you to run a global search across your application (and also across multiple applications!). The VE search gives you rich results including type, container, and hierarchy information.

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Document large volumes of code with Visual Expert 2017

New Documentation Engine

Visual Expert 2017 includes a new version of the documentation engine to support larger volumes of code or document a subset of your application.

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export crud matrix

What’s cooking for Visual Expert 2017?

Between 2 major versions of Visual Expert, we typically publish a number of minor releases, each of them bringing new features – on top of Enhancements and bug fixes.
You will find here what we're planning for 2017.

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